Thursday, March 28, 2013


In other you do the sacrificing news:

The Republicant Gov. of Texas won't play ball with Obama-care as Zwicky explained recently, costing his state 10 gazillion dollars that would help those without health insurance, a group of Texans greater than the population of the state of Missouri.  A growing list of Republicant govs like Scott in Fla and Kasich in Ohio – flat earthers who are at least teachable – have chosen to take the Feds money.  But not Rick Perry, by golly, he equates it to "Federalized bribery, and I don't cotton to it, no sir."

Perry's cruel ignorance will contribute to almost 300,000 veterans nationally missing out on Medicaid coverage, too.  It's fine for veterans and their families to do all the heavy lifting but Republicant governors like Perry say "To bad muchachos" when it comes to helping those who went in harm's way.

Perry just gave a speech to some family values group down in Texas explaining in Perry-speak ALL ABOUT FAMILY VALUES, and how the bible says that marriage is meant to be between one man and one woman.  (Do family values include helping veterans who need help?  Zwicky wonders …. ?)

Of course Perry is completely wrong, the bible doesn't say anything remotely close to marriage being between one man and one woman or the Mormons wouldn't have a concubine to stand on. And is Perry implying that there's something wrong with Rush Limbaugh's four (4) wives? Or Newt Gingrich?  Isn't Newt (whatthehell knda name is Newt?) on wifey numero tres?

Don't Mess with Texas?  How about they change the state motto to – What a Mess is Texas.
Everyone knows the Republicants are the FAMILY VALUES PARTY, that's why Perry was speechifying about it, everyone knows this except a lot of Republicant politicians.  

Mark Sanford was the Republicant governor of South Carolina who disappeared incognito-like in June 2009, reported by his office to be hiking the Appalachian Trail.  His hike was so vigorous it took him all the way to Argentina where he shacked up with his mistress for a spell.

When Sanford had had his fill of Argentinian food and Spanish language television he returned to SC where he rent his garments and said he'd been unfaithful to his wife.  His wife didn't cotton to this, no matter how many garments were rent.  She moved out of the Governor's mansion and took the kids with her.

So much for those family values. 

Sanford was also the Chairman of the Republicants Governors Conference because Republicants just can't have too much family values, they're overflowing with it.  Sanford resigned his post while repenting in sack cloth and ashes.  

Then, so's he could spend more time searching his soul, he hiked on back to South America, staying at resorts in Argentina with the object of his affection close at hand.   Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa was heard coming repeatedly from the cabana nearest the pool.

Now – halleluiah -- Sanford's years of exile and introspection are over.  The Lord has instructed him in the way he should go and the way he should go is back into politics.  Sanford is in a close run-off race for a South Carolina house seat, with the prospect of running against Stephen Colbert's sister.  Good luck Mark, may the Lord be with you.

(An interesting sidebar – Sanford asked his Ex to be his campaign manager.  She said "you're loco in la cabaza. Now get off my lawn.  And take that Argentinian tramp with you.")

Republicants ... the party of family values … emphasis on party.
In other gun news:

Like New York and Colorado, Delaware is moving ahead with new serious gun control laws.  If the cowards in Washington won't do the job the states will.

A maniac in upstate New York killed four and injured two patrons of a barbershop.  Add barbershops to churches, schools, colleges, malls, theatres and post offices where you are not safe from gun violence. 

Guns don't kill people, people with bad haircuts kill people.


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  1. Reeck Pyorrhea, the gubernor of Texass was recently seen looking under rocks for something. When asked about this he claimed he had misplaced his mind, but as we all know it was never misplaced, he really just lost it.
    Newt has a new job and a new house. He has moved under a bridge in Central Park in New York City. During the day he scrubs the pigeon doody off the statues in the park and scares small children playing nearby the bridge where he resides. Trolls need to have a life too. Also it was revealed today that Mark WanderingWilly Sanford has taken up fashion. He wears confederate flag boxers under his clothes. He says it gives him what we don't really know. Lastly, what kind of animal is it that lives on Sean Hannnnity's head? Whatever it is he sure has trained it well. Just remember, that isn't sweat that runs down his face when he gets hot.