Sunday, March 24, 2013


In other silly rightwingwacko news:

Zwicky loves a good laugh and nothing is funnier than listening to The Drugster huff and puff for a few minutes as Zwicky did last Friday when Zwicky was stuck in traffic. (Zwicky would never waste any valuable time on the Drugster.)  The former drug addict known as El Rushbo was cooing orgasm-like about a guy 99.9% of the country has never heard of.

That guy is Ben Carson, a doctor who is a conservative or a tea bagger or some other regressive life form.  What makes the good doctor so appealing to Limbaugh is that he's BLACK.  There are only nine black conservatives in the whole union so when Limbaugh stumbles across one he holds it up and studies it like a rare bug.  Limbaugh declared at least five times that Doctor Carson was a REAL AMERICAN.  Which was meant to be in contrast to President Obama who, in Limbaugh's mind, is not a real American because Obama doesn't believe the earth is flat.

Limbaugh also said of Dr. Carson that he's "probably got everybody in The Democrat (sic) party scared to death".  This is reminiscent of Limbaugh saying that Democrats were petrified of Sarah Palin.  Democrats are scared to death of neither Carson nor Palin, although REPUBLICANTS were petrified when they thought Palin might actually run for president last time around.  Anybody But Palin, was a Republicant war cry.

Limbaugh, in his blessed ignorance, thinks Democrats are 'scared to death' of Dr. Carson because in Limbaugh's little brain that means all black voters would vote for Carson if he runs for president, which Carson has hinted he might.  This is the same silliness that leads Limbaugh and other flat earthers to conclude that if Marco Thirsty-o Rubio runs for president all Hispanics will vote for him because Thirsty-o is Hispanic. 

It's true -- some people vote race and ethnicity -- but the majority votes their own self-interest (except for some lower and middle class whites who stupidly continue to vote Republicant). 

Democratic POLICIES are more helpful to blacks and Hispanics and that's why those groups overwhelmingly vote D, an obvious but inconvenient truth that The Drugster and other Neanderthals have yet to grasp.
Have a Peaceful Palm Sunday. Don't forget to pray for the flat earthers -- they know not what they do.

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