Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Have you heard all the juicy rumors about Dem. Sen. Bob Menendez and a hooker in the Dominican Republic?  If you have then you're a Faux News viewer.  Other networks stayed clear of the story because they have something called JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY.

But Not Faux.   JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY isn't something Faux bothers with when in pursuit of story that might implicate a Democrat.

But … once again … Faux has been caught with their pants down, so to speak.

That's cause the supposed hooker from the Dominican Republic says SHE WAS PAID BY SOME SLEAZE BALL LAWYER TO LIE ABOUT MENENDEZ.

Wanna take a wild guess who the lawyer was working for?  Wanna bet that Faux won't issue an apology to Menendez?  How many more times do Faux viewers have to be shown that Faux is A JOKE, before they wake up and smell the Republicant bias?

Faux viewers aren't interested in facts, they're interested in hearing what they want to hear.  That's why Faux exists.  To keep the old white folks happy and blind.

Well done Faux, you've stepped in it again.
This clip shows what idiots work at Faux.  If, as Faux suggests,  terrorists can use Google Earth to find targets how's about we use Google Earth to find terrorists?  Makes sense?  Huh?

In other gun news: No one shot at gun appreciation events or at firing ranges yet today but sometimes it takes a while to git warmed up.  Yahooo.

It only takes a few minutes with the pres who resided in the WH before Obama to recall how the idiot princling really REALLY screwed everything up.

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  1. Some people are a lot less funny that they think they are. They ought to leave humor to those of us who know what we're doing, bro.