Monday, March 18, 2013


In other flat earth, Republicant, Tea Bagger news:

C-PAC (Crazy Politically Alienated Cranks) just wrapped up its EXCITING convention.  It was a fun time for young conservatives, old conservatives, flat earthers and other deranged political losers. 

The latest silly Republicant to ooze from the state of Texas – Sen. Ted Cruz – gave the keynote speech.  Don't you wish you could have been there to hear the Senator?  Oh, just think of the wonder of it all.

Cruz said Obamacare should be repealed because – and this is a direct quote – we're winning right now.  Really?  The Republicant, tea baggers are winning right now?  I wonder what it looks like when they're losing.  Cruz finished his keynote address (yawn) by saying --- and this is a direct quote – count me a proud wacko bird.  This is similar to NRA gun and ammo lobbyist Wayne – call me crazy – LaPierre's insistence on being called crazy.  Say one thing for the right wingers, they're willing to accurately describe themselves. CRAZY AND WACKO

Rand Paul was the winner of the straw poll.  How's that for EXCITEMENT.  Rand Paul won the hearts and minds of everyone present, except for once presidential hopeful John McCain, who was booed at C-PAC.  McCain was booed because McCain made disparaging comments about Rand Paul's filibuster against drones.  Paul dislikes drones, McCain loves drones.

Sarah Palin, in her fascinating speech, said horrible things about former Bush's Brain Karl Rove: "… these experts who keep losing elections … should stay in the truck." 

What that means is anybody's guess, but Karl took offense at it anyways.  He fired back, "… if I did run for office and win, I would serve out my term and wouldn't leave office midterm."  This is a nasty reference to Palin quitting her day job as governor of Alaska cause she rightly figured she'd make a lot more green writing books and giving speeches at $50,000 a pop.  Who wouldn't pay $50,000 to listen to Palin speak.  (Has she inked her deal to appear in Playboy yet?)

And then there's the split between leader of the Neanderthals in the House, John—I'm crying as much as I can—Boehner,  and Republicant Sen. Bob Corker.  Boehner, who is petrified of the Neanderthal tea baggers, is absolutely, positively against raising taxes on the richest people in the universe.  No way it's gonna happen, according to Boehner.

But Corker is a bit more pragmatic, because everyone who isn't a tea bagging Neanderthal, knows you can't reach fiscal goals without MONEY.  Get It?  It costs MONEY to run a government.  Corker said Republicants would look at reforms that generate revenues.  That's a politician's way of gettin' around the dreaded T word. (taxes)

So what's a political party to do?  I dunno.  But watchin' All The Fightin' on the flat earth side of the world is immensely satisfying … and entertaining.  Let's hope they keep at it for years to come.

In other guns news:

States that have more laws restricting gun ownership have lower rates of death from shootings, both suicides and homicides, a study by researchers at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard University found.

               stop confusing ME with all your fact-based reality


Watch Jon Stewart Make fun (again) of Faux News:

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