Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Remember Paul Ryan?  He ran for VP with Willard the Romney.  Remember?  Ryan couldn't even deliver his own State.  Obama carried Wisconsin by four points. 

But that didn't discourage Ryan, he's picked hisself up and dusted hisself off and he has just produced THE RYAN BUDGET. 

THE RYAN BUDGET   …  ooohhh, sounds exciting.

Bet you were holdin' your breath with anticipation.  Who wouldn't be interested in a budget produced by a man who has proven to be a BIG LOSER?

Ryan's budget is fascinating because it acts like the last election didn't happen.  That election where Obama ran on protecting the social safety net and raising taxes for billionaires.  Ryan ain't interested in stuff like that.  He's got his OWN IDEAS.  Ideas that were just rejected overwhelmingly by the American people.  Maybe you heard of them.  The American people, that is.

Ryan's most recent budget balances the books in only ten years, that's a whole lot better than the one he thought up that took 40 years to do the job.  He's gettin' closer.

Here's some of Ryan's dead-on-arrival budget proposals:
  1. ·        Repeal Obamacare.  That ain't gonna happen, Pauly.
  2. ·       Cut Medicare by $129 billion.  Gramma gets to shop with vouchers instead.
  3. ·       Cut Medicaid by $757 billion
  4. ·       Bushes Wars are finally ending but Ryan wants $500 billion more for defense
  5. ·       Big Cuts to Pell Grants
  6. ·       Cut the number of food inspectors.  Yeah, that's a good idea.
  7. ·       Continues tax subsidies to oil and gas companies, the most prosperous businesses on the planet
  8. ·       Huge cuts in corporate taxes though the US has the second lowest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world
  9. ·       Lowering the tax rate on the highest earners to 25%

Wow.  What a plan.  Cut everything but defense and give more to those who already have the most.  Yeah, that'll work.

In other gun news: A friend tells how he was at a Cleveland area hospital surgery waiting area recently when he saw NRA magazines and literature scattered on some of the tables.  He gathered it all up, threw it in the trash then dumped his coffee on the load so it was unusable.  He said it made him feel fine.
A five month old baby who was shot five times in a drive-by has died.

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