Friday, May 17, 2013


In other Republicants are crazy cheaters who don't know how to play nice with others news:

Republicants like Darrel Issa and John –The Cry Baby – Boehner have been SCREAMING that the Obama people were covering something up about the Benghazi terrorist attack and they DEMANDED Obama release emails relating to that SCANDALOUS SUBJECT.  And now that the emails have been released it's obvious that there is a scandal and malfeasance involved.

That's because Republicants DOCTORED THE EMAILS!!!!!!!!                 What???

CBS News reports that the emails were altered.  The Neanderthals couldn't find anything implicating Obama in the emails so they CHANGED THEM. 

Typical of the latest breed of Rightwingwacko flat earthers.  They can't win on the merits so they cheat.


Speaking of Cry Baby Boehner, the House Leader (hahahahaha—leader) scheduled ANOTHER VOTE IN THE HOUSE to repeal Obama care.  That's the 37th time Cry Baby Boehner has wasted the House's time with Obama Care Votes, the cost to YOU THE TAXPAYER for those needless votes is in excess of $3 million.

Comedian George Lopez (see vid) has some words for Republicant Texass crazy loon Congress man Louie Gohmert – known as Gomer to Zwicky-ers

Regarding Gomer's idiotic statement that terrorists are masquerading as Mexicans, Lopez says to Gomer, "You are f**king crazy."

Lopez is correcto mondo, Gomer is f**king crazy.

Allen West, defeated Republicant Congressman has joined Faux News (NO Laughing) as a contributor.  West, when he was in congress, said that the Obama govamint was OVERRUN WITH COMMIES, a bit of horse feathers now being carried by Texass Senator Cruz.


West joins that illustrious list of Faux contributors that includes or once did include Glennnnn –I'm crying – Beck, Karl – but we can't be losing – Rove, Dick – we'll win by a landslide – Morris and the Queen of Alaska, Sarah – I can see Putin's wine celler – Palin.

Enjoy Allen West, Faux viewers.  How long before he gets the boot for saying something even Roger Ailes can't abide?


Tea baggers staged a protest at a Comcast meeting, complaining that the cable co. carried MSNBC.  

"Have you contemplated the damage that MSNBC and its biased coverage is doing to all
Comcast business?", one tea bagger asked with a straight face.

The Comcast CEO was ready with an answer.  He said that Comcast performed better than other cable providers in the first quarter.

OOOPS!!!      MSNBC  -- 1          TEA BAGGERS -- 0. 


In other gun news
Number of Ohio gun deaths since Newtown now at 164.


Thursday, May 16, 2013


In other Republicant, rightwingnutwacko, flat earthers say the darnest things news:

Louie Gohmert has a last name that sounds a lot like Gomer of Gomer Pyle fame.  (If ya don’t know who Gomer Pyle is check out the vid).  


Louie's another flat earth Republicant nut case from (where else) Texass who says plenty of crazy things.  It's almost as if he were put on earth to say crazy things.  Among his crazy gems are:

1 -- Gomer believes the answer to gun violence in schools is more guns in schools.  In response to the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elem. School Gomer said, "I wish to God she had an m-4 so when she heard gun fire she pulls it out and takes his head off."  Great idea Gomer, unless she misses and takes someone else's head off.

2 -- Just hours after the murders at the Aurora, Co. movie theatre Gomer said the cause was "on-going attacks on our Judeo-Christian beliefs."  Gomer also lamented the fact that no one in the theatre had a gun to take down the mass murderer.  Great idea Gomer, unless that someone else missed and took down another theatre patron.

3 – Gomer has said that women are intentionally coming into the US to have babies so the babies could grow up to be terrorists AND that Islamic terrorists are crossing the border disguised as Hispanics.

4 – Gomer's latest involved an argument he got into in a House hearing that had nothing to do with vegetables in which Gomer said, "The attorney general WILL NOT cast aspersions on my asparagus."


And Rushbo the Drugster Limbaugh says CRAZY THINGS on an hourly basis on his highly rated radio wacko show.  The other day The Drugster was insisting that Pres. Obama is FIXATED on Limbaugh's very own self. 


Yes Rushbo, the president of the United States who has two wars to contend with, unemployment numbers that refuse to come down, gun violence, pending debt limit showdowns with the Neanderthal Republicants in Congress, IRS troubles, Benghazi BS from flat earther Darrel Issa and a zillion other problems, is FIXATED on you and your one note blowhard radio show.


We know that failed Republicant candidate for Pres Willard the Romney says crazy things – like 47% of the American people are takers --- but we just learned that Willard has purchased ANOTHER HOME.  

The house is in Utah, purchased through a shell company  (what else?).  This latest res joins the Willard's house in La Jolla, Ca where he's installing a car elevator for the wife's Caddys, the house in Conn and the Apartment in NYC.


In other Florida gun news:
A man accidentally shot himself (Zwicky is NOT making this up) while bowling in Fla.

Also in Fla., an 11 year old boy was shot and killed on Mother's Day by a 4 year old relative.

A 3 year old Fla boy shot and killed himself after finding his uncle's gun.

A 6 year old Fla girl was accidentally shot by her 13 year old brother.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In other STILL more Republicants put down by their own kind news:


Delusional rightwingwacko and Female Impersonator Ann Coulter continues her battles with other delusional rightwingwackos.  Coulter says the immigration reform bill being floated by Republicant Florida Senator Marco Thirsty-o Rubio would mean "the end of America."

The end of America?
Whoa, Annie, that's some serious end. 

Coulter also says that there are 20 million illegal Hispanics here and they're "dumb, lazy and welfare dependent".  Coulter must not have read the memo given to all rightwingwacko Republicants that Republicants have to start being nice to Hispanics.

And govamint statistcals sez there's 11 million illegal immigrants, not 20 mil … Annie.

A nationwide study found that Faux News (no horse laughs) viewers are THE LEAST INFORMED ON DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL EVENTS than any other cable news viewers.  They had to do a study to find that out, Zwicky has been saying it repeatedly.

Maybe that's why Faux's credibility is at an all-time low.  Another study found that out.

Delusional, flat earth, end-of-the-worlder Glenn Beck says he left Faux to save his soul.  A Faux spokesman says Beck left "to save his ass" cause advertisers had fled Beck's Faux show in droves.

It's a joy to see the flat eathers going at each other: Coulter vs. Thirsty-o; Beck vs. Faux-o.


In other gun news:

If cowardly Senators like Portman of Ohio won't heed the will of 90% of Americans and vote for Universal Background Checks, voters will do it themselves. Groups in several states like Washington and Arizona are working to put background check measures on the ballot.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


In other more Republicant put down by their own kind news:

Yesterday Zwicky quoted former Def. Sec. Republicant Robert Gates who poured water on the flaming BS the flat earthers have been pushing about the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya.  Gates called their conspiracy nonsense CARTOONISH.  Funny … Cartoonish.

Well now comes Thomas Pickering, a former US Amb. to the UN, appointed by Bush the elder, to pour more water on Darrel Issa's BS festival.  Issa claimed that David Patraeus – who just happens to be another Republicant – was "carrying water" for Obama about what happened in Benghazi. 

"I think that's all crazy."  Pickering said.  "He's no slave.  He's a very independent guy."  He being Petraeus.

So then, what do we have in the Issa, Republicant, flat earth investigation into Benghazi?  We have Republicants of much greater stature than Issa and his ilk referring to the pea brains as cartoonish and crazy. 

That sounds about right and something Zwicky has been saying about the current breed of right wing wackos all along.

And speaking of right wing wackos, Michele Bachmann says that the IRS investigation into right wing wacko political action groups makes the 2012 election invalid.  Except that it's the IRS's job to audit political action groups to make sure they're not violating tax laws because guess what --- THESE GROUPS DON’T PAY TAXES which means that real tax payers ARE SUBSIDIZING THEM.

As far as Zwicky is concerned THEY SHOULD ALL (R and D) PAY TAXES and THEIR TAX EXEMPT STATUS SHOULD END.  That goes for churches too.

Of course Bachmann doesn't have a clue what she's talking about.  Obama knew nothing about the IRS activity but like other Republicans she's ain't about to be confused by facts.

In other gun news:

Number of gun deaths since Newtown = 4061.

Chris Nogy, an Arkansas Republicant, writes: The 2nd Amendment means nothing unless those in power believe you would have no problem walking up and shooting them if they get too far out of line.  Nogy should sign our petition to allow guns inside the Capital in DC.  He's just the kind of gun nut the country needs.


Monday, May 13, 2013


In other Republicant in your dreams news:

The flat earthers on Faux News (no guffawing) are drooling, beside themselves as Darrel Issa huffs and puffs through his hearing, determined to EXPOSE THE COVER UP that Obama or Hillary Clinton or SOMEBODY must have covered up SOMETHING about the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Not so fast Republicants, take a deeeeep breath.  Robert Gates, who happens to be a Republican and former Defense Sec. under little Georgie Bush Jr and Obama, said – referring to the night of the attack – "Frankly … I think my decisions would have been just as theirs were."  WHAT!!!!

And Gates dismissed the idea that Special Forces should have swooped in: "It's sort of a cartoonish impression of military capabilities … the one thing our forces are known for is planning and preparation before we send people into harm's way."  


What the Benghazi hearings are really all about is POLITICS.  The Republicants know that if she runs for pres. in 2016 Hillary Clinton is unbeatable.  They're trying to taint her now, long before the next pres cycle begins.  Dick Cheney even wants her dragged before Congress AGAIN so the flat earthers can have another go at her.

Good Luck with that Republicants, ya'all is slow learners.  Last time she was there she made Rand Paul and Marco Thirsty-o Rubio look like small school boys who hadn't done their homework.


If they can't get at Clinton then the Republicants are gunnin' for the IMPEACHMENT of Obama, calling the non-existent COVER-UP worse than Watergate.  If the Republicants want to investigate politicians for lying to the American people maybe they should start with Cheney and Bush and Condoleeza Rice.  

Remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction that Saddam was hiding?  The mushroom clouds about to rise over Lompoc, California?  Remember?

"WMD?  That would be in fiction."

In other gun news

Nineteen ----- that's 19 ---- people wounded by guns at a Mother's Day Parade in New Orleans.  
Nothing says Happy Mother's Day, mom, like a gunshot wound.

General Electric's GE Capital Unit has stopped ALL financing of gun purchases.

Newtown moms have Mother's Day news for DC politicians: We're NOT going away.

Friday, May 10, 2013


In other Republicant hypocrisy news:

Republicant Communist witch hunter and all around loathsome junior senator from Texass Ted Cruz voted AGAINST aid to victims of hurricane Sandy but now wants fed aid for his state since the fertilizer plant explosion leveled an already level section of the level state.  Cruz is the kind of right wing wacko flat earth Neanderthal that is OPPOSED TO FED INSPECTION of industrial places like fertilizer plants because it's too much interference with business but after a disaster he's got his hands out. 

Ahhh – the Republicants, they define hypocrisy.

Texass Republicant Gov Rick – I'm forgetting as fast as I can – Perry was outraged when the Sacramento Bee published a political cartoon skewering Perry for his own brand of Neanderthalism.  Perry's like Cruz, always bashing govamant interference with business and preaching how business friendly Texass is.  But after the fertilizer plant exploded – there'd been no inspections for a zillion years – Perry ran out to the site to offer his condolences.  "Had your home destroyed, ma'am -- I feel for ya, but business is booming here in Texass."

Twelve banks control more than 69% of the banking industry and 50% of Americans want these big – too big to fail – banks broken up.  So why aren't they being broken up?  How long til we get to bail them out again?  How big will the year-end bonuses be for the financial geniuses who almost destroyed the world economy last time?


Willard the Romney's off-shore financial holdings were exposed during the last pres election but Romney's not alone in hiding his $$$$$$$$$.  Estimates run between $21 trillion (TRILLION) and $32 trillion (TRILLION) of wealthy individual's assets are stashed away in hidden accounts, equal to the combined economies of the US and Japan.

Why aren't any of the fiscal hawks in DC concerned about these dodgy practices?  Maybe cause they're among the ones doing the dodging.


In other gun news:

Al  D'Amato, former REPUBLICANT Senator,  says you got to be a jackass to not support background checks.

Conan O'Brien went after Wayne Call Me Crazy LaPierre at the WHCD, watch what Conan had to say about Call Me Crazy here.


Thursday, May 9, 2013


In other one note blowhard news

Admitted Prescription Drugster Hypocrite Rush Limbaugh says that the vile creep in Cleveland who kidnapped and beat three women for ten years was doing so because of Obama's welfare give-aways. Wow.  What a mind … wait, who was president ten years ago again?

That kind of nonsense explains why a big mucky-muck at Cumulus Media says NO MAJOR ADVERTISERS OR AD AGENCIES WILL ALLOW THEIR ADS TO RUN ON LIMBAUGH'S BLOWHARD FEST.  That's why you hear nothing but blurbs for companies selling obscure website design or get rich quick with gold schemes or other useless blather.  Toyota, Ford, GE and other biggies don't want anything to do with Limbaugh's brand of delusional right wing wacko flat eartherism.

If anybody needs more proof that Republicants are the dimmest political class in the universe look no further than S Carolina's special election.  

Voters in the Republicant flat earth region of in-bred America had the choice between: A former disgraced governor who lied to his wife, his kids and the citizens of SC saying he was going on a hike along the Appalachian Trail when he was actually flying to S America to shack-up with his hot little Chiquita.  This clown was also cited recently for violating his divorce agreement by trespassing at the home of his former wife when he went there to watch the Super Bowl on her big screen TV.  His, from all accounts, is little; 

or,  A successful business woman who left an abusive marriage and raised three kids.

Guess who the Republicants elected.  Candidate B had the misfortune to have a D after her name on the ballot so the flat earthers naturally chose the lying, cheating adulterer over her.

In other gun news:

A 2 year old little girl is dead.  Shot by her 5 year old brother who received a .22 rifle as a gift

Pat Toomey, Pa Rep Sen, has seen his poll numbers skyrocket since proposing UNIVERSAL background checks, supported by 90% of voters.  Compare that to cowardly local squish Robbie Portman who saw his numbers nose dive since HE VOTED AGAINST UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS.