Monday, March 25, 2013


In other wouldn't it be great news:

Here's a realistic scenario that would keep Republicants from ever again winning the presidency:

1 -- Colorado used to be a battleground state but not no more.  Obama won easily and the state is now securely progressive.  They've voted to legally smoke marijuana in the governor's office and just passed some of the toughest gun regs in the country.  Colorado is blue – give eight Electoral College votes to the Dems.

2 – Florida has been a battleground state but recent polls show bad news for Republicants.  Nobody likes The current Rep governor – Rick Scott, including Republicants.  And the last governor, who was driven out of the Rep party for purity sins, flipped and wisely became a Democrat.  That gov – Charlie Crist – now has a HIGHER approval rating than Scott.  
Add to those storm warnings for Reps the fact that Hillary Clinton beats Jeb Bush and Marco Thirsty-o Rubio by eleven and twelve points in Fla president polls.  Bush was a Fla gov and Thirsty-o is their senator.  
It's like when Willard the Romney couldn't carry Michigan, his home state, or Mass where he was governor, or California where he has a home with the car elevator. And Paul – the Russian atheist lover – Ryan couldn't carry his home state or even his hometown.  
It seems the more voters get to know these Republicants the less they like them.  
Florida turning blue means another 29 permanent Electoral College votes for Democrats.

3 – Texas has been securely red but that may change if the genius of a governor who jogs with a pistol so he can shoot coyotes doesn't get on board with Obama-care. Texas has 38 Electoral College votes which is a mighty big haul but those votes are in jeopardy due to Rick Perry.  Perry won't expand Medicaid coverage in his state means he's refusing $100 billion from the Feds to help those who need help.  (What kind of heartless idiot refuses $100 billion to help people who need it?)  

And Texas has the HIGHEST rate and number of uninsured of any state, 25% of Texans or 6 million people.  Guess who a lot of those uninsured are – Hispanics, expected to be one third of eligible voters by 2016.  And those Hispanic numbers will continue to grow AFTER 2016, which means Texas will eventually be spelled – B-L-U-E. 

Put another 38 electoral college votes PERMANENTLY in the Democratic column.  When Texas goes permanently B-L-U-E, spell Republicant White House dreams –

In other gun news:

The slime balls who run the NRA (as opposed to many of their members who have no control over the slime-balls and are friends of Zwicky) are running robocalls in Newtown Conn, just three months after five and six year olds were murdered.  The robocalls present the NRA insane opposition to any sensible gun control measures.  Siblings, family members or kids who were friends with the victims could have answered those robocalls. Says a lot about the kind of low-lifes who make their millions $$$$$$$$$$$ from the gun and ammo death lobby.

Here's George Carlin again, this time with video, blasting the NRA and Wayne-Call Me Crazy.
The language is BAD so if you have PG ears, DONT WATCH.

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  1. Guberner Reeck Perry made a discovery today. He found that if you take a bath and watch TV at the same time, don't change the channel from Faux Nooze, but he can't remember that 3rd thing that he was going to say about watching TV and taking a bath. Shocking as this may be, Reeck does use Mr. Bubble for that squeeky clean feeling.......