Thursday, March 14, 2013


The world's 1.7 billion Catholics now have a new pope – Pope Francis, a name chosen by Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio in honor of St Francis of Assisi, friend to the poor, birds and wolves.

Newly elected Pope Francis is from Argentina, the FIRST pope from the Americas.  We can all be proud of that, enough with the cranky old European popes. Time for – hopefully -- a non-cranky New Worlder pope, though he is 76 years … young … as they say in Vatican City.

Pope Francis has a history that doesn't comport with some American Catholics, Cafeteria Catholics, they're called, people like PAUL RYAN, people who pick and choose what parts of Catholicism they're gonna obey.

Pope Francis is a friend to the poor, the over-burdened, the put upon.  He lived with the poor, rode a bus to work rather than ride in a limo, and chose to live in a small apartment rather than the official fancy-schmancy church residence.

So what?  Who cares what some old Argentinian did?

Pope Francis' life is a threat to policies advocated by Cafeteria Catholics like Paul Ryan, and the rest of the flat earth, Republicant Neanderthals insistent on cutting programs for the poor, the middle-class and the elderly while giving even more advantages to the most advantaged in the society.  Ryan proposes lowering the top tax bracket by FIFTEEN PERCENTAGE POINTS, while raising the bottom by five points

Pope Francis would reject Ryan's budget just as the American Cardinals rejected Ryan's last budget.

It seems like more than a coincidence that the new pope was chosen just as Ryan's budget was released.  Unlike the new pope, Paul Ryan's hero isn't vow of poverty taker St. Francis.  Ryan's hero is a Russian atheist name Ayn Rand.  That's right, a RUSSIAN ATHEIST is Ryan's inspiriation.

Inspiration from a RUSSIAN ATHEIST. Wow.  Imagine that.  And Ryan's the Republicants' primary talking head when it comes to money matters.  Imagine, the Republicants are gittin' their marching orders from a RUSSIAN ATHEIST, rather than St Francis of Assisi.

Hard to figure.


In other gun news:  California is looking at ten new gun control measures that will make the Golden State the toughest state on gun ownership.  The Colorado house passed laws limiting clip sizes.  These states follow New York which already passed serious gun control measures.  The Republicant cowards in Washington may be ascart of the NRA but the states will do the job if the cowards won't.

I'll turn the other cheek after I blow your brains out.  Peace my ass.


  1. I like the new pope. I think he will be good for all people.

    1. I like the new pope too. He's for the under-class, unlike the Paul Ryans of the world.