Friday, March 22, 2013


In other flat earth news:

Unlike President Obama who was born in the United States (yes, tea-baggers, Hawaii is a State), Joe McCarthy Communist witch hunter wannabe Ted Cruz was born in CANADA (no, tea baggers, Canada is NOT a state).

Ted Cruz, if you don't know, is the goofball senator from the Great State of Texas (Yes, tea-baggers, Texas is – unfortunately – a state). Tea bagger Cruz says he came to Washington to shake things up.  

How's that been goin' for ya, Cruz?

People who don't know s**t from apple butter about politics have suggested that Cruz will make a great Republicant Hispanic candidate for president.


Zwicky predicts right here that not only will Cruz never be president he won't even be re-elected as a senator.

Faux News – We distort, you shut up and do as you're told – which was a great advocate of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld push for going to war in Iraq, has now, at the War's ten year anniversary, covered that anniversary LESS than any cable news network.  That's Faux – misinformed and cowardly.  Faux spent lots of energy praising Bush over the years, what about honoring all the sacrifices made by the troops and their families.  How about it Faux?  What are you afraid of?

And speaking of cowardly, Faux has yet to say anything about how it covered the Menendez/hooker story for weeks, but has been silent since the hookers recanted.  That's Faux  -- Faux means never having to say you're sorry.  
Just like their sexual predator pundit Bill O'Reilly who never admits it when he's WRONG.  Which is understandable since he'd spend all his time apologizing for all his screw ups.

Another right wing propaganda company – The Washington Post – published 27 editorials in favor of the war before it began, but has yet say ANYTHING editorially on the war's 10 year anniversary.  Cut from the same cowardly clothe as Faux.

Democratic strategy for coming elections will employ a new twist on the gun debate.  Republicants have finally realized that they can't continue bashing Hispanic immigrants and other minorities and ever hope to win elections and Obamacare is settled law.  So those issues won't have much relevancy going forward.  But Democrats see a BIG advantage in hammering Republicants who vote against sensible gun laws.  They will make it a women/children safety issue.  More than 90% of voters want UNIVERSAL background checks, including a majority of NRA members.  And a majority want a ban on assault weapons.  The majority WILL get what it wants.  Gun control will prevail in this country slowly but surely.  Republicant politicians can get on board or find other employment.
George Carlin rips the NRA and Gun and ammo pitchman Wayne LaPierre.  The language isn't PG so if you're offended please skip the clip.


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Congratulations Zwicky. 

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