Tuesday, March 26, 2013


In other who cares what happens at Faux news:

Faux News just got hit with a BIG BOYCOTT from Tea Partiers. The way Zwicky heard the story goes something like this:

Roger Ailes –the fat bald guy who runs Faux let it slip that he no longer believed the earth was flat.  "I seen pictures took from the otter space and the earth looked kinda round to me."  Ailes said to the assistant who is always with him, the one who serves Ailes double stuffed Oreo cookies on a silver platter. 

Unfortunately for Ailes the assistant was so shocked by Ailes departure from rightwingwacko doctrine that he repeated the blasphemous round earth comment at a tea bag get together and the damage was done.  Tea baggers everywhere were OUTRAGED.

Ailes tried to limit the injury by issuing this statement: "What my assistant thought he heard was incorrect and that's why he's been transferred to our affiliate in Rangoon.  What I actually said was that the earth never looked flatter to me and those space pictures supposedly took from otter space are hoaxes from that there Obammer, socialistical administration government which I oppose with all my fiber."

But it was too late, the tea baggers turned off Faux fir three days and fir three nites just like it directs in the holy bible Amen

The flat earther, tea bagging, Neanderthals 
claim their boycott cut Faux viewership by 20%.

Don't go away, there's more to the story.  Bill O'Reilly, the sexual predator that Ailes pays about $20 mil a year, tried to come to Ailes assistance.  O'Reilly dangled a shiny object in front of the tea baggers in an attempt to divert their attention.  On his show Billy featured a newly conceived segment on a non-existent War on Easter.  

Billy Boy is notorious for fighting the non-existent War on Christmas, but this was the first time Billy stood to fight on behalf of Easter eggs.

It remains to be seen if O'Reilly's blatant try at baiting the oldster, recliner, prune eater, flat earthers in his audience will be successful. 
It didn't help Ailes none.   

In other gun news:
While cleaning his shotgun, a man in North Carolina accidentally killed his ten year old son.  The man will go to jail.  That won't bring the boy back or provide any solace to the boy's mother.

Zwicky told you a week ago about another man who accidentally killed his ten month old baby boy while screwing around with one of his guns.

Both the incidents provide proof of the FACT that guns in the home make the home less – not more – secure.

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