Friday, February 8, 2013


Who's afraid of Ashley Judd?  Plenty of people.

If you're smart enough to be a regular reader of this blog you'll know that Ashley has been the subject of two posts as she's considering a run for Senate from Kentucky, against Senator Mitch – I'm talking as slow, annoyingly and boringly as I can – McConnell.

Mitch – I'm talking as slow, annoyingly and boringly as I can – McConnell is up for re-election and he's scared.  His stock is dropping with many Republicants, particularly the tea party Neanderthals who don't like McConnell's deal makin' with them rascally Demo-cracks.  That's trouble for him on his right flank.  He may get tea partied in his primary.

On his left flank is Ms Judd, a petite Hollywood actress.  Why is a cranky old political operator like McConnell afraid of a little Hollywood actress?  She ought to be nothing more than a gnat to his insufferable, mind numbing, tedi-osity.  (That means he's boring.)  But he's a-scart of her cause he polls only four (4) points ahead of her.  Ouch.  A Hollywood liberal with no political experience right on McConnell's tail.  No wonder Mitch called in what he considers to be the Cavalry.

The Cavalry in this case being Karl Rove, the political mastermind who spent $300 in the last election cycle NOT getting Republicants elected.

Rove's ineffective political machination machine – AMERICAN CROSSROADS – just dropped 10 grand on an internet ad. (Snore.)  The ad -- which nobody will see, or, if they do stumble across it while Googling Beyonce's  Super Bowl show – throws totally ineffectual political bomb shells at Judd. Rove's ad reveals three DEVASTATIN' snipes at Miss Ashley.  ("Why Miss Ashley, I do believe you mean to crush poor ole Master McConnell."

1 -- She grew up in Kentucky but currently lives in Tennessee.   AAAAAHHHHHH TENNESSEE

2 -- She's a liberal.  AAAAHHHHH  SHE'S A LIBERAL

3 -- And – wait for it – she likes Obama.  AAAAAHHHHHH OBAMA (didn't he win by like 5 million votes?)

Take THAT Ashley Judd, you think you're so big. Ha.


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