Sunday, February 24, 2013

NRA: 'It's Probably Best If You Just Ignore What We're About To Say

According to The Onion, which is the source of ALL our news, the NRA has wisely said that from now on we will all be better off ignoring everything they say.  NO PROBLEM, NRA we been ignoring you for years.

South Carolina Republicant Sen. Lindsay Graham has been compared to a middle-aged lesbian by Daily Show anchor Jon Stewart, which is grossly unfair to middle-aged lesbians.  Morning Joe host, former Republicant Congressman Joe Scarborough lampooned Lindsey, saying the Senator will show up anyplace a TV camera is present.

That's cause Graham is suffering under the mistaken notion that the whole entire wide world is waiting impatiently for Graham's next pronouncement about anything that wanders thru his little Republicant brain.  He's got lots of opinions.

To solve the problem of an absence of TV cameras when he thinks of something to say, Graham had a South Carolina handi-man build a portable camera rig.  

Well done Lindsey, see you Sunday on Faux Non-News, the only place that cares what you have to say.


In other gun news:  The Mentor Police are investigating a gun threat at Shore Middle School.
No reported shootings at gun shows yet today but gun owners are still in church praying to the KING OF PEACE.


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  3. Unbelievably, The following comment was left by a 77 year old male, deranged reader of Zwicky. Note how he refers to the vice-president as veep Bite me, third grade humor at best :

    I read that Veep Bite-Me just went out and bought his wife Jill a shotgun with two shells, and she pointed it at a nearby school when she "was on the balcony"...double standards at work again folks

    Although the comment is barely comprehensible the writer seems to have fallen for another hoax, this time about VP Biden, probably something he saw on Faux News.

  4. The same writer left another comment referencing one of his family members and using the most foul of foul language. The comment has been deleted. Even if the comment writer has no respect for HIS family members, ZWICKY does.
    Even so, all comments are kept on file and on backup to an external memory source.

  5. Keep digging, all comments preserved.

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