Thursday, February 7, 2013


Big, BIG, Big Big news.  BIG.  Really … Big.
The Republicants spent Obama's first term doing exactly NOTHING that makes any sense to anyone except themselves and the flat earthers who back them.  But one actually proposed something the other day that does make sense.
Yes, I know it's hard to believe.  These are the people who don't trust in evolution or global warming, who think a woman's body can stop conception if the woman is the victim of a legitimate rape and who still think Obama was born in Africa.
One of the leaders of these Republicants is Eric Cantor.  Cantor is in the middle of a REBRANDING CAMPAIGN for the Republicant party.  Which means the Republicants will now try to appear (APPEAR) like Democrats.  They want to APPEAR (not actually get behind policies that are useful) like Democrats because in the last election Obama beat Willard Romney by more than 5 million votes and the Republicants lost seats in the House and Senate.

Cantor recognizes that they have a problem, that problem being LOSING elections, although he's a long ways from fixing the problem cause he still doesn't get that the problem isn't REBRANDING it's POLICIES.
But at least he's sniffin' around in the general vicinity, so give him credit for that.  The BIG NEWS is what Cantor said that actually makes sense.  It goes something like this:
He wants colleges to have available, and make available to prospective students and parents, information on the employment prospects for different fields of study. 
It's a good idea.  Most people go to college because they want a career. 
The days of lofty liberal arts pursuits with degrees that don't open doors are not over, but they're in decline.  It's dog eat dog out there and mom and dad want to know if Bobby or Sally is goin' ta git work when payin' fer all that schoolin' is through.
History major or chemical engineer?  Which will bring home the bacon? 
"History … I dunno, Bobby … is there work fer history people?"
There's nothing wrong with history, in fact, we're all making some right now, and if the kid wants to become an expert on President William Howard Taft's first seven months as the Solicitor General, let him go for it.
But for the kid who can't decide between radiology tech or registered nurse, statistical projections of future employment opportunities should be part of the decision making process.
The kid and the parents should be able to ask the school counselor and the counselor should be able to spit the info out immediately, ASAP, right there on the spot, if not sooner.
So … well done Rep Cantor, you are, however briefly, a constructive member of the House of Representatives.
Now, go get the rest of the Neanderthals you shepherd to come up with some good ideas, too.     
That's your JOBS.  Helping the American people.  NOT spending every waking minute trying to sabotage Obama's ideas.
Go, get to work.  I mean it.  NOW.

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