Friday, February 15, 2013


Until a week or so ago the NRA had an ENEMIES LIST on its website.  But not no more.  It's been scrubbed.  Check it not being there HERE.
Although the NRA has deleted its LOOOONNNGGGG list of enemies, we thought it would be instructive to recreate it.  So we did.  Here, in no coherent order, are some of the individuals and organizations  the NRA considers ENEMIES: (AAAUUUGGGHHHH ENEMIES)

The American Medical Association
National Association of Police Organizations
The US Catholic Conference
League of Women Voters
US Methodist Church
United Church of Christ
National Council of La Raza
Britney Spears – Huh?

Children's Defense Fund
Hallmark Cards
American Bar Association
Episcopal Church
Environmental Action Foundation
The St Louis Rams
Sara Lee – nobody doesn't like Sara Lee
Leonard Nimoy – Spock?

Anti-defamation League
Mel Brooks – What about Blazing Saddles?
B'nai B'rith
Tony Bennett – I left my 30 round clip in San Diego
The Temptations – Ball of Confusion
Barry Manilow
Art Garfunkle – Like a Glock over troubled waters.

Boyz II Men
The YWCA (The YMCA is NOT on the list.  Boys like guns girls don't)
Kansas City Royals
Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream
AARP – Where's my AK, ma?

American Academy of Pediatrics
National Organization on Disability
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Meryl Streep
Levi Strauss  -- But cowboys like guns and jeans.
Oprah Winfrey
Alec Baldwin

Shania Twain
Doug Flutie
Spinal Cord Injury Association
Chaka Khan
Stonyfield Farms Yogurt                              
Blue Cross Blue Shield - Kansas City
George Clooney
Bruce Springsteen – Everybody's got a hungry .357
Jerry Seinfeld

In other gun news:  A Mentor police officer is stationed at Ridge Junior High School today on a rumor that a student was going to bring a gun to school; a Euclid man was charged with firing a gun in a Wickliffe hotel room – add hotels to the list of schools, malls, theatres, churches, offices, post offices, etc where we're not safe from gun violence; no shootings at gun shows yet today but the NRA is working on it. 


  1. You stupid worthless piece of shit. How F**k'in dare you trash the NRA when you don't know a goddam thing about them. You couldn't make a pimple on LaPierre's ass, the NRA's, or mine for that matter. Big F**kin' deal...Oprah, Clooney, and Springsteen don't want you to carry a gun. Wow, Isn't that something. I bet all of them, along with your man Obie and his monkey-lookin' wife have guards with gun around them. I have very close friends who are police officers and NRA members.You're a f**kin' liar. Start telling the goddam truth will you.
    Instead if attacking the GOP and NRA, why not find out why 30 states are suing your radical Muslim Socialist Obie to get out of Obamacare. Why don't you address that the CBO says there are no funds for Obie's "pre-existing conditions" you radical Muslim Socialist Obie is as bad as you. You should post your blogs to MSNBC. I have two family members that are lawyers, and two who are doctors....three of them have their CCW. You are a lying piece of trash...wake up you idiot

  2. Did you forget to take your meds again? Can you read? There is no 'trashing' of the NRA, merely a list of their enemies.
    "Monkey loving wife"?? You're racial bias is showing again, what happened to the good Christian man of a few post ago?
    Keep writing, the more you comment the more we see your real nature.

  3. Kiss my ass you f**k'in jerk. You double-standard pice of shit. It's OK for you to attack, but boy don't let anyone attack you. Once again you talk about my responses. How come you never address the issues? C'mon jerk what do you have to say about the 30 states suing your radical Muslim Socialist Obie? What about the CBO reporting there's no Obamacare money for Pre-existing conditions. Do you really think me or anyone else cares how you feel about me? You're so adamant about the lies and personal attacks you write about, but boy it stops there huh? It's OK for you to attack Rush and Fox, but you want it to stop there. I'm so glad I left your N/H media lab. By the way all the criminals on the streets of Chicago thank you for pushing gun laws. You deserve all the junk I throw at you.

    1. It seems you're unaware of how this whole blogging thing works. FIRST, I write about what I want to write about, NOT what you want me to write about. SECOND, I'm under no obligation to answer your hyper-maniacal, racist, Faux news regurgitated fantasies.
      And readers will note a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between my blog and the blog which you discontinued. Unlike you, I'm not afraid of your irrational, paranoid rants. I allow people to post their comments without censure. You, on the other hand, NEVER allowed any opinions but your own, and you even tried to get other bloggers to block comments from people who didn't agree with you -- an effort at which you were only partly successful.
      What exactly are you afraid of? I think it's your realization that your guns can't kill IDEAS.
      Please keep writing, it's instructive to read the muddles of a gun obsessed Republicant.

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  5. Hey jerk-wad, if so many people hate guns why has NRA membership grown over 500,000 since Obie started his stupid gun control issues? Got an answer stupid? If you have time: (1) why does Chicago have strictest gun laws, but highest crime rate? Answer: criminals know law-abiding citizens can't protect themselves. (2) do you think Obie, Oprah, Clooney, Springsteen will surrender their guards' guns. Answer: NO

    1. "Hey Jerk-wad"? This is how a 77 year old man writes?
      Wow, you are off the meds big time.
      You're exactly the kind of person who should NEVER be allowed to own a gun.
      You're obviously unstable.

  6. Keep the comments coming ... it makes for fun reading at my weekly prayer group. No, not Muslim. Catholic.

  7. Getting on your carpet and bowing east and chanting Allah Akbar is not Catholic

    1. How do you know so much about it? What is your obsession with Muslims? Why do you think making fun of other religions is funny or acceptable?
      In fact, St Peter wrote in the gospels -- "I begin to see how ANY man who acts uprightly IS acceptable to God."
      But don't give up, keep commenting, you're digging your own hole deeper ... and deeper.