Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Things are really getting weird in Republicant – Tea Party crazy land. 

It's that Faux News (news?) induced fantasy land where Obama is the socialist, Ugandan, Muslim, communist anti-Christ.  The land of Rush Limbaugh, where middle aged lesbian look-alike Sen Lindsey Graham says mothers need high capacity machine guns to defend their children against hoards of marauding zombies.  The happy dream land of Bill O'Reilly where the WAR ON CHRISTMAS has been won, where Ronald Reagan is again president and Russia is our biggest problem.

Yes, it's a crazy koo-koo land, that's for sure.  If you need further proof of just how koo-koo Republicant – Tea Party land is, take a look at the image below.  It's from a tea party group mailer sent out with Karl Rove depicted as a Nazi.  Yikes.  Crazier and crazier.

Karl Rove may be a despicable human being who sold George Bush Jr and the Iraq War to a gullible America but he should not be compared to a Nazi.  That ain't right.  Can't we all just not get along.

The Republicants and tea baggers are in the sorting out process of eating their own.  It's a result of the last election in which the socialist, Ugandan, Muslim, communist, anti-Christ Obama was re-elected by more than 5 million votes.  The Republicants know something is wrong somewhere when a socialist, Ugandan, Muslim, communist, anti-Christ wins by that big of a margin.  So to improve their chances in the next election the Republicants and tea baggers have formed a circular firing squad and opened fire.

We wish them luck with all that.

Although they might want to think about their POLICIES.  Maybe that's what the American people care about.  Taking baby steps.  Little things like HELPING PEOPLE FIND JOBS.

In other gun news: 4 kids killed by guns in Ohio since Newtown, 35 kids killed nationally since Newtown, 1999 people killed nationally by guns since Newtown; no shootings at gun appreciation day celebrations yet but it's snowing like hell so there's still time.


  1. I know it''s hard for you, but just once instead of basing the #1 news channel...just answer one question: WHAT HAS SOCIALIST OBIE DONE THE PAST 4 YEARS THAT YOU WANT HIM TO REPEAT THIS NEXT 4 YEARS? Think you can handle that?

  2. I dont have to handle it. UNDERSTAND? HOW? IT? WORKS? YET?
    It's MY blog, not yours.

  3. I'll let readers decide for themselves who is pathetic.
    But keep writing, the hole gets deeper.