Saturday, February 2, 2013


I work as a volunteer at a local hospital and talking about this and that with another volunteer the other day we happened upon the subject of worst fears.  She said hers was losing one of her children.  That is any parent's worst fear.
Yet if you bring the subject up in relation to the parents who've lost their children to gun violence, as have the parents of Sandy Hook kids, you're accused by the gun lobby of pushing an anti-gun agenda or not honoring the memory of the dead children.
What nonsense.
The gun lobbyists also wrap their condemnation in prayers, they're going to pray for the dead children.
More nonsense.  Platitudes and clich├ęs.  Faith without works is dead.
Fear of losing our children or grandchildren is precisely what the gun debate is about, it's not some side issue.  Why do so many people (more than 50 percent) want serious gun control?  To save us from future mass murders. 
This isn't some esoteric debate -- it's life and death.
That's why guns exist.  To KILL things.  A 30 magazine clip gives a maniac 20 more chances to kill school kids than does a 10 round clip.


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