Monday, February 4, 2013


Somebody once said you can't go broke under-estimating the taste of the American public, which must explain the popularity of Rush Limbaugh.  Old Rushbo is the most popular radio personality (and I use that term loosely) on the air.  He's a hero to right thinking, disgruntled, white males and female-ish women impersonators who hang on his every bluster.

Limbo has been married four (YES 4) times yet he has no children, meaning one of two things:  either he is the most unlucky man in the world to have found four females who were unable to furnish him an heir, or he's firing blanks.

Some years ago Limbaugh was detained at a Florida airport when he returned from the Dominican Republic with a prescription for Viagra in a name that wasn't Rush Limbaugh.

His prescription drug problems didn't stop with his Viagra needs.  He has admitted to and been treated for addiction to Oxycontin, a powerful pain reliever known to those who need another fix as Hill Billy Heroin.  The Blowhard would send his cleaning lady out to score his dope for him.
Before Limbaugh's own illegal drug use was made public, here's what he said about OTHER drug users:  "Drug use is destroying this country... if people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up." 
Limbaugh retained super-expensive, super smooth, Florida criminal defense attorney Roy Black to plead for him and keep him from being 'sent up'. 

We all have feet of clay and I don't begrudge Limbaugh his, he has more character flaws than a room full of Republicant House Members.  But his worst character flaw is called hypocrisy.  Limbaugh wants other drug users sent to jail while he expects leniency and drug treatment – not jail.

With multiple marriages, infertility, impotence, hypocrisy and illegal drug use -- what explains Limbaugh's popularity with the in-bred class?  The answer is constancy. 

Whatever the subject, Limbaugh is going to come out swinging at the same imagined enemies – Democrats and liberals.  If the Democrats are for it, Limbaugh is against it.  If the liberals don't like it, Limbaugh loves it.
Simple huh?  Makes life black and white, rather than all those complicated, scary shades of gray that liberals love. 
Limbaugh and his listeners hate shades of gray.  Unless liberals begin to hate shades of gray, in which case Limbaugh will declare his love for them.


  1. Wow, your desecration of Rush is just great. Really, is that the best you got? Hey, I forgot, are you a Muslim? Why has your favorite radio station, Air America in the tank? Oh yeah, I forgot, Rachel, Stuart Smiley, and the rest ruined it. Why have people for 25 years made Rush the very NUMBER ONE talk show ever? Why? Hey Zwicky-RWT....let's not forget your favorite TV show El Jazeera. Remember it used to be Current TV. Wow...what a way to cover up the inadequacies of the TV and radio you follow by trying to attack Rush and all your personal attacks. You couldn't make a pimple on Rush's backside. I'll hurry this up so you can go get your welfare money. Now c'mon you sure you're not a Muslim? see ya tomorrow....this is PWP

    1. Everything in the column about Limbaugh is true - four marriages, no kids, detained for having a Viagra prescription in another's name, illegal drug use and his hypocrisy.
      You ask about his popularity and the answer is in the post -- he provides comfort to inbreeding listeners like you.

    2. Gee there must be a lot us then. You are sure running true to form. All you have are lies and personal attacks. You never want to address the real issues that I brought up on your blog. You write your worthless blog just to satisfy you and your libtards. C'mon gimmee something more than name calling. So what is Rush had 4 marriages and no kids. Who cares? Well turban-heads like you do cause the only ammo you got is to throw name-calling junk at people. Hey, do you get a thrill up your leg watching MSNBC? Cash your welfare check yet?
      This is PWP waiting to write to you again Muslim man

  2. C'mon turban giving up? guess you got no ammo for your lies and personal attacks. by the way were'nt you the one that called me a liar about Calif? yeah, you said Moonbeam Brown's state was doing fine? Man what a lie...I lived there for 35 years, and have plenty of personal and professional contacts there. Here's a fact for you: Calif teacher's assoc. needs $4.5 Billion a year for their pension plan payouts, and guess what Muslim man? They don't have enough to make their payments. People and businesses are leaving in droves. Home sale projections are lies....banks are practically giving away foreclosed homes to get them off the books. You and your libtard community is so mis-informed. hey...did you hear about Sen. Memendez. Of course you haven't...MSNBC won't report it. C'mon give me something to talk to you about....Hey, did you hear Obie won't submit a budget? Of course you haven''s another fact MSNBC won't report..