Friday, February 1, 2013


Faux News (We distort, you fall asleep in your recliner) has seen its ratings decline to their lowest point since 9-11.  That's because Faux has the same problem as the Republicant party.  Demographics are against them. 
The aging, angry, confused, white males who vote Republicant, and who try to stay awake watching Faux, are dying off, and they ain't bein' replaced.
In the prime demographic that advertisers love – males age 25 to 35 -- Faux scores a zero.  That means the next generation of males (and females) who will soon take over the reins of business and government haven't been brain washed by Faux's nonsense.  This can only mean better days for our society. 
Sorry aging, angry, confused white males but the party's over.
Although the aging, angry, confused white males aren't giving up without a fight.  They say crazy things and write angry letters to their newspaper, things like 'I'm worried about our country' or 'That Obama is a socialist out to destroy America' or 'I live in a world I truly don't understand' or 'Where's my reading glasses? Somebody moved my reading glasses.'
Treat them with kindness, their days are numbered.

Things are definitely getting better ….

Solar power investment continues: Copper Mountain Solar 1 near Boulder City, Nevada constructed one million solar panels with enough energy generation to power 80,000 homes.
Similar projects are planned for other Boulder City Sites and the Moapa Indian Reservation in California.  The City of Los Angeles has already contracted to buy all the power these sites produce.  Clean and green.
Housing Construction is a key leading economic indicator and the National Association of Home Builders IMI (Improving Markets Index) surged by 76 to 201 metropolitan areas in December of last year.  The only problem – tight financing.  Banks won't loan money.  Didn't taxpayers save a lot of banks from going under a few years ago?  What's the deal, banks?
UPDATE: DOW crosses 14,000.
UPDATE:  159,000 jobs added last month.
Personal incomes rose by 2.6% in December the highest increase since December 2004, just before the Bush recession destroyed the economy.
This is the kind of good financial news the Faux News crowd hates, it proves that Obama's bringing the country back from the brink.  Sorry Faux News crowd.  Good news for the country bad news for Faux.


In other gun news: another day another school shooting, this time a 14 year old boy in Atlanta;  1478 people have been killed by guns since Newtown, check it out HERE;  states with the highest gun ownership rates have gun death rates 114% higher than those with the lowest gun ownership rates – highest Wyoming and Montana, lowest – Hawaii and New Jersey;  nobody wounded at any gun appreciation day gun shows yet but it's only 8 AM.

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