Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Faux News – We distort you eat it up recently dumped Sarah Palin and Dick Morris from their lineup of buffoons.  But be not discouraged aging white Faux News demographic, Faux has added a new goof ball for your edification.  Herman Cain is coming on board as a CONTRIBUTOR.  Ooohh, a CONTRIBUTOR. This Herman Cain was a member of the Republicant clown car of presidential wannabes and the same Cain who started Cain TV.  Never heard of Cain TV?  You're not alone.
Way to go Faux News, you hit another home run with Herman. 

            Here's a taste of Cain's wisdom

Stephanie Wolfe has instructed her students at West Liberty University in West Virginia they are not permitted to use Faux News as a source in their school work.  Ms Wolfe, who is obviously an astute and intelligent woman, unlike viewers of Faux News, is a professor of political science.  While we commend Ms Wolfe for her discernment regarding Faux News we're disappointed that she has also blacklisted THE ONION.  This is too much.

Says Ms Wolfe in her defense, "The tagline Fox News makes me cringe.  Please do not subject me to this biased news station.  I would almost rather you print off an article from the Onion."  Well said, Ms Wolfe, well said.

In other gun newsOn Sunday March 10, more than 150 religious congregations are participating in a Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath with family members of those who have been victims of gun violence. Naturally the NRA gun crazies will find this unacceptable.  "What does them religions got to do with guns, anyways?  That Jesus never said one word about no guns.  It's anti-religiositous.  And threatens our SECOND AMENDMENT Rights of bearing our arms to church for killin' non-believers.  Amen."

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