Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I wonder what the defenders of 30 round clips would do if they actually had to face a bad guy with an assault rifle.  Not in their minds (such as they are) but in the real world.  Something tells me they'd be the first to call the cops.
Unlike the posers who obsess on their guns, cops face that frightening possibility daily. If a prowler is reported in the neighborhood it's a cop who has to walk into the dark back yards.  Is the criminal carrying a baseball bat or an AK-47?  It's the cop who is at risk. Mr. Second Amendment waits anxiously inside.
Although Mr. Second Amendment has no skin in the game, we know how cops feel about Obama's gun proposals.  They endorse them 100 percent.  Scores of uniformed officers stood behind the President yesterday when he gave a speech about gun violence at the Minnesota Police Department Special Operations Center.

Has Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre – mouthpiece for the gun and ammo industry -- been invited to speak there? 
Wayne 'Call me Crazy' was on Faux News (We distort, you fall asleep in your ice cream) Sunday where he had his head handed to him.  Chris Wallace, the only real journalist in the Faux stable, said Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre's statement that the President's children didn't deserve Secret Service Protection was RIDICULOUS.  Wallace's word.

 Wallace also pointed out that Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre came to the Faux studio with his own body guards.  Why does Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre  need an armed escort?  Wasn't he packing?  Isn't he ready to take out the bad guys on his own?  What a wuzz.
Wallace also mocked Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre for suggesting that Obama's call for a national firearms registry was the first step in COMING TO TAKE THE GUNS AWAY.
Hey 'Call Me Crazy' they know where the cars are, have they taken yours away?
In other gun newsChris Kyle, an ex-Navy Seal credited with killing 150 terrorists in Iraq, was shot and killed along with a friend at a shooting range in Texas.  Kyle helped returning Vets re-integrated into society; a missile launcher was turned in at gun buy back in Seattle – Missile launchers don't kill people, people kill people; no shootings at gun shows yet today but it's probably just a slow day.


  1. Hey turban-head...when are you gonna wake up. You are one distorted Muslim. Your buddy Obie wants gun registration. You know who else wants gun registration? yeah dummy...the criminals want all law abiding citizens to register their guns, so the criminals know who's got guns. You and Obie are as bad as the NY newspaper that told everyone where gun owners lived. You cannot call yourself an American. Since you're on welfare you don't care of the cost of paperwork, and all the red tape. how come gov cuomo of NY won't tell citizens what the penalty will be if citizens don't register guns. Why don't we take a good strong look at the nut jobs that pull the trigger. By the way jerk-off us NRA members don't hide behind the 2nd. Amend.....we support it. unlike Muslims like you. Why won't you answer questions? You just use your blog to hurl names at people who disagree with you. Hell, anyone can do that. I can eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap out a better sentence than you. How come the school district of Newtown agrees with LaPierre more than they do with gun control? One of the school districts are going to start arming the school officials. You are so naive. Remember now turban head...if ever an armed gun criminal comes after you...just grab all that paper work, and throw it at them and run away. Me? I'd rather pull out that Clyde Barrow gun...caress my barrel, and then ejaculate a bullet through his worthless head. You take your chances with paper...I'll take my chances with the 2nd Amend that gives me the right to arm and protect myself. I can't believe I served in the military for jerks like you. Hey, is it true you were on that plane with Sen. Memendez? Now c'mon...give me some good stuff to respond to...stuff with some facts and meat...don't just call me names. Hell, I can go to a school playground and play swearing games...c'mon gimmee something!!!

  2. 30-40-50 round magazines. What friggin' difference does it make goofy? If someone breaks into my home, or tries to accost me on the street I hope I have a 100-round magazine in my Clyde Barrow. I'll really ejaculation all over him.
    Hey, you're really embarrassing yourself about Fox News. for 12 years they've been #1. and Rush is THE MAN in talk radio. This morning driving to the gun store to buy more equip for reloading, Rush's station went to commercial, so I switched over to the station that your hero Ed "Sgt" Schultz was on...wanted to hear him so I could appreciate Rush all the more....and what do I hear? Ready? Wait for it...here it comes....THIS RADIO STATION WILL NO LONGER BROADCAST THIS PROGRAM. Gee...kinda reminds you of Air America huh? Got anything now? Thought so

    1. I'll side with the Cops for Obama.
      You can have the Crazies like LAPIERE. Funny name. WAYNE was probably bullied as a child which explains why he thinks he needs armed guards.

      But Keep commenting.
      The more you write the more readers will see your racist rants.

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  4. You are so predictable. Can't answer any questions, so you make fun of someone's name. I don't worry about the one or two libtards that read your blog and think I'm a racist. Yeah, you're an Obie man. He'll use drones to kill defenseless people as he goes after terrorists, but I can't have a gun? Talk about foreign planets....where did you come from? Am I supposed to think Zwicky is a bona-fide name? I just love reading your blogs. Just makes me feel stronger about my position. You're hopeless, but you're good fodder.
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  5. Mr. Zwicky-RWT: Please accept my apology for referring to you as turban-head, Muslim man, welfare, etc. that is insensitive of me, and I apologize. I'm sure we're both good Christian men. If we were to ever meet I'm sure we would get along fine. Yes, we have different views, bit I'm sure we both want the same for our future generations. Again, I am sorry-please accept my apology, and I promise to refrain from any further attacks.....God bless

  6. You need not apologize to me, your insults implied there was something wrong with Muslims or turbans.
    And tho I'm not on welfare and never have been, I am sympathetic to those who are. No one wants to live like that if better options are available to them.
    Nonetheless, I accept your apology and look forward to your future comments.