Monday, January 28, 2013


1--The Faux News echo chamber and the Obama hating bloggers are upset that the US is sending four jets to Egypt.  The deal was negotiated in 2010 when US ally Mubarak was still in power.  As soon-to-be Secretary of State, John Kerry, said in response to a question from flat earther Republicant Senator from Kentucky, Rand – I didn't vote for my father – Paul:  "The fact that sometimes other countries elect someone you don't agree with doesn't give us permission to walk away."
What the Faux News echo chamber and Obama hating bloggers fail to understand is that these negotiations are BETWEEN COUNTRIES, not between individuals.  Obama didn't negotiate with Morsi, the USA negotiated with Egypt.  Get it? Duh.

2 -- Another flat earth Republicant embarrassment is Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.  He tried to out crazy other Tea Party regulars in his questions to Kerry about that favorite Faux News topic: Benghazi.  But Kerry made Johnson look like a fool.  When Kerry asked Johnson if he'd attend the briefing on Benghazi, JOHNSON ANSWERED … NO.
Whadaya mean …NO?

The guy doesn't want answers on Benghazi anymore than Faux News does.  What they want is an ISSUE, cause they ain't got nuthin' else.  
Kerry then explained to the dimwit: "… there was a briefing with tapes, those of us who went to it, which made it crystal clear. We sat for several hours with our intel folks who described to us precisely what we were seeing. We saw all of the events unfold. We had a very complete and detailed description."  Slap down on Johnson.
3 – Flat earth Republicants won't have Sarah Palin to adore anymore. As predicted HERE way back last year on Thursday December 6th, the mega-mind, former governor, possible vice-president of the US (I'm breaking out in cold seat) from Alaska who can see Russia from her front stoop has been axed by Faux News.  That's what's called a prediction that actually comes true, as opposed to the fantasies you read from the Obama hating bloggers, the same ones who predicted Romney's landslide.
TTFN Sarah, we barely knew ye.

In other guns news: 4 children have been shot in Ohio since Newtown; 3 teenagers have been shot in Ohio since Newtown; 39 adults have been shot in Ohio since Newtown; NO shootings at Gun Appreciation Day festivities yet today but there's still time.

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