Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The most recent Washington Post/ABC News poll has Pres. O with an approval rating of 60 %.  Not bad for a second termer who has the Faux News echo chamber, Rush – where's my oxycontin – Limbaugh and the Obama hating bloggers to shrug off like small annoyances on a daily basis. 

Compare that to the Republicants in the House.  They get a measly 27%. approval rating.  Imagine, 73% of Americans think the House Repubs suck.

They're doing about the same as Rick Perry, the Texas governor who ran in the Republicant primaries along with the rest of the clown car.  62% of Texans say Perry should NOT run for re-election, including 39% of Republicants (presumably, the other 61% are slow learners, like some we have here in Ohio). And 80% of Texas voters say Perry should definitely NOT run for President again.  The Texans don't want to be embarrassed again.  First Bush, then Perry.  Come on, give a State a break.  Although, anyone who voluntarily lives in Texas proves they're NOT QUALIFIED to be president.

And speaking of low approval ratings, the lowest of the low heckled the father of a six year old boy murdered at Sandy Hook, Neil Heslin, at a hearing on gun control in Hartford, Conn.  What kind of scum yells "Second Amendment, Second Amendment" at a grieving father who just lost his little boy.
"He was a boy that loved life. Lived it to the fullest…He was my son, he was my buddy, he was my best friend." Heslin said.
And in other gun news: Why do we need more thorough background checks?  Because from 1998 to 2009 only 1.7% of gun applications were denied for mental illness reasons; a wacko brought a loaded AR-15 assault rifle into a Charlotteville, Virginia Krogers store; a doctor was shot to death inside a Newport Beach, California examination room yesterday by his 75 year old patient; three people shot in an Arizona office; no shootings at gun appreciation events yet today but give 'em time.

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