Thursday, January 10, 2013


President Obama is the Commander in Chief, which infuriates the Usual Suspects: the Republicants, the anti-Obama bloggers, the Faux News echo chamber and of course Rush Limbaugh, the Blowhard in Chief.
As Commander in Chief Obama has the privilege of naming his Secretary of Defense.  And Obama just did that – he named former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel.  Hagel, if you don't know,  is a war hero, an enlisted man injured in Viet Nam.

You'd think the Republicants, the anti-Obama bloggers, the Faux News echo chamber and Blowhard in Chief Rushbo would be thrilled to have a Republican war hero as Obama's Secretary of Defense for Obama's second term.
But you'd be wrong.
You'd be wrong because the Republicants, the anti-Obama bloggers, the Faux News Echo Chamber and Rushbo are opposed to anything that Obama is for.  It doesn't matter what it is, if Obama is for it, the Usual Suspects are against it. 
If Obama announced that he'd found a cure for Alzheimer's the Usual Suspects would SCREAM that becoming senile is every American's right and Obama is just trying to besmirch the legacy of President Ronald Reagan.

So the Usual suspects have been attacking Hagel as the wrong man for Secretary of Defense.  John McCain, another Viet Nam war hero who -- since losing to Obama in 2008 – has become a cranky old war monger, is opposed to Hagel, as is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.  

Lindsey Graham, if you don't know, was called a middle aged lesbian (which is an insult to middle aged lesbians) by John Stewart.  Graham says that Hagel is outside the mainstream when it comes to international affairs and starting wars that the American people just can't get enough of.  Wars like in Iraq.  Maybe you've heard of it. 

But it's not Hagel who is outside the mainstream, it's Graham.  According to a recent poll 52% of Americans said the war was a mistake and 55% said it wasn't worth fighting.
Graham and McCain and other Usual Suspects were all in favor of the Iraq war, won't admit it was a mistake and they're lookin' for a new Secretary of Defense who thinks like they do.  A Darth Vaderish Dick Cheney or Rumsfeld clone just itchin' to send American youths off to fight and die most likely in the Middle East.  Iran comes to mind.

But they know Hagel won't play ball.
They know Hagel won't play ball because Hagel recognized the futility of the Iraq war, calling it "the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Viet Nam." 

That's a Republican war hero unafraid to stand up to his own party: a scary prospect if you're a Republicant, or an anti-Obama blogger, or a member of the Faux News Echo Chamber or Rush Limbaugh.

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