Monday, January 14, 2013

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Gun owners fall into two main groups.  Group one is composed of responsible gun owners who know there is something wrong in a country that allows maniacs to get their hands on guns and kill little five and six year old school kids.  These gun owners want CONTROL of lethal weapons, and they don't think it's funny when someone says gun control means holding your rifle steady. 
One of these responsible gun owners is a lifelong hunter who just took his fifteen year old son out hunting for the first time and the boy got a deer.  The father was very proud, he says he was more excited than his son.
This gun owner and hunter says he's very much in favor of more serious gun control laws.  In fact, he told me that people with mental illnesses should never be allowed to own guns but he goes much further.  His position is that if there is anyone with mental illness in the home, NO ONE in that home is allowed to own a gun.
That's a serious idea that the NRA would NEVER endorse.
The other group of gun owners are lunatics.  They write blogs about how proud they are of their guns and how after the little children were massacred in Connecticut they prayed for their own grandchildren.
Here's a news flash gramps, in addition to praying that your own grandkids aren't murdered at pre-school, try getting behind serious gun legislation – it might save your grandkids' lives.
That's 'cause American kids are THIRTEEN TIMES more likely to be killed by a gun than in any other industrialized nation. 13X    13X     13X     13X      13X      13X      13X      13X

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