Thursday, January 31, 2013


Our youngest grandson is one and a half years old.  He was taken to the emergency room Tuesday night with a fever of 102F.  He'd been listless and hadn't taken food or drink all day.  Even his older brother, at three and half, noticed something was not right.  "What's wrong with K...?"  He asked his mother.
They've brought his fever down but he still refuses to eat or drink anything.  He was diagnosed with respiratory volume problems.  He's still in the hospital, his mom, who is expecting another, is staying with him.  Fluids are being administered mechanically and – fearing additional dehydration -- they won't release him until he is willing to eat or drink.
Naturally, we're worried about him.
I can't imagine how we'd feel if we lost him.  And what it would mean to his mother, father and brothers.  And little sister who is on the way.  She'd never get to fight with her missing brother.
Neil Heslin did lose his six year old little boy at the Sandy Hook elementary school.  Unbelievably, Heslin was heckled by gun nuts at a hearing where he came to testify.  Having no sympathy for a man who has just experienced the worst that a parent can imagine says plenty about the inhumanity and gross stupidity of those people.  Plenty.

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