Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The extreme right wing lunatic fringe in the House Republicant caucus is usually good for a laugh.  These are the Neanderthals who are threatening to close the government down rather than RAISE THE DEBT CEILING.
Raising the debt ceiling, if you don't know, has nothing to do with the country incurring more debt.  Raising the debt ceiling means that the extreme right wing lunatic fringe in the House Republicant caucus and other Congress folks are authorizing the executive to PAY DEBTS THE CONGRESS HAS ALREADY INCURRED.
Not new debts. Old debts.  We already got 'em.  CONGRESS created 'em.
But with the patients being in charge of the asylum things could get messy. If the debt ceiling isn't raised the country might go into default and retired anti-Obama bloggers won't get their Social Security checks.  Neither will veterans and other members of the 47% of takers made famous by Willard Mitt Romney.
The Republicant savior of the Republicant party who became persona non grata to his followers the day after he was creamed in the November election.  Remember him?
Not really, but continue.
Also, if we default, the country's credit rating will take a hit, we'll look like morons to the rest of the world, and the world economy may crash sending everything into another recession. Little stuff like that.
Who are these idiots?
One is Michele Bachman (Minn. Republicant) who likes to say we should shut down the government until the government gets its spending in order.  Which is funny 'cause Bachman hasn’t gotten her own spending in order.  Bachman knocks down $174,000 a year as a member of Congress (3.48 times what the average American earns) yet she still hasn't paid some of her campaign staff from last year. 
And then there's Tim Huelskamp a Kansas Republicant who is so concerned about fiscal austerity he just voted AGAINST aid to people affected by Hurricane Sandy. He didn't think it was justified.  Fiscal austerity, that's Huelskamp's tune.  He hums it like he sees it.
Except Huelskamp's brother has received $1.6 million in gov-a-mint aid including $30 thou in disaster relief.
Huelskamp's parents have gotten $1.1 million in gov-a-mint aide.
And Huelskamp hisself  has pulled in $10,000 from the gov while getting $100,000 from farm lobbiests.  On top of his $174,000 yearly (3.48 times what the average American earns).  Huelskamp is emphatic about fiscal severity … for you … not for him, or his family.
Sounds like a Hypocrite.
Doesn't He?

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