Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A News Herald blogger appears to be in love with his snub-nosed handgun as he mentions it more often than his wife in his posts.  Apparently the man is unaware of the Freudian symbolism that a gun represents.  That's his problem and it's not our place to embarrass him.
But when he posts mis-information, knowingly or innocently, it is our job to correct the record.  Rather than 323 deaths from guns in 2012 as the blog Politics with Pete states, the actual number is much higher.  Since the murders of little children at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 there have been 1318 people killed by guns.  You can verify that information HERE.
Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre, well paid mouth piece for the NRA, complains that Obama's proposal to have all gun transfers recorded is too burdensome.  Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre whines, "what about a kindly ole granpa who wants to give his grandson an antique rifle, should that transfer be recorded?"  Yes, Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre, it should.  If granpa wants to give his grandson a 1949 Ford – guess what – it has to be recorded.
Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre also whines about the gov-a-mint comin' ta take away all the guns if'n the ownership is recorded.  Guess what, Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre?  the government knows where all the cars are but they haven't come to take those away.
Why do people like Wayne 'Call Me Crazy' LaPierre and the Politics with Pete blogger think their gun ownership is exempt from rules we apply to many other items?  What makes their guns so dear to them?
Maybe they should do a bit of research on Freudian symbolism.  They might be surprised at what they discover about themselves.

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