Friday, January 25, 2013

we gone get rid of dem damnation unions jest as fasts as we can

Union hating Republicants in state legislatures like Michigan continue their assault on middle-class workers who actually do the work in this country.  Republicants hate unions because the Republicants get their campaign cash from businesses and businesses don't like workers to be organized.  Organized workers are a pain in the butt to businesses because organized workers demand things like decent wages, safe working conditions, health insurance, paid vacations and a place inside to go to the bathroom.

Since Business and anti-union special interest groups finance the Republicants they get to call the tune and the Republicants obey, yes sir. 
Yassir, Mr. Business Owner, we gone get rid of dem damnation unions jest as fasts as we can votes on it, yassir.

On the other side of the middle-class squeeze we have people like Willard Romney.  It's hard to remember because it was soooo long ago – way back last November – and Willard was such a forgettable personality, but he was the Republicant nominee for Pres.  Remember?
The Republicants thought they'd found their savior in Willard and pundits on Faux News and Obama hating bloggers who know nothing about politics predicted Willard would win by a landslide.
Excuse me a moment while I laugh myself silly.  Willard.  Landslide.  Two words that should never be used in the same sentence.
Willard lost big time but his campaign exposed the way people like Willard – who've never created anything in their lives (unlike people in unions) – get rich.  They ship American jobs to other countries where the wages are low low low.   That's what Republicants found so appealing in Willard, he helped destroy middle-class union jobs.  

Here's a few products that no longer carry the MADE IN AMERICA label:
1-  American Flags – most are made in China
2- The Monopoly Game
3- Olympic Uniforms – Willard started this trend when he ran the Utah Olympics
4- Etch a Sketch – made in China, symbolic of the Etch a Sketch candidate – Romney
5- Levi Jeans
Thanks Republicants and your dear friend, landslide winner --- Willard Mitt Romney.

In other gun news: A Philadelphia man was sentenced to 9–18 years in prison for the death of his son.  The four year old found daddy's gun and accidentally shot himself;  The New Mexico teen who killed his family also plotted to randomly shoot Wal-Mart shoppers; nobody shot at gun shows today but it's still early.

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