Thursday, January 24, 2013


The Faux News echo chamber has been drooling over the prospect of Hillary Clinton testifying before Congress about what happened in Benghazi, Libya when four American diplomats were killed.
The Faux News echo chamber was sure that Hillary would be caught in a web of lies and the Obama administration's coverup of the incident would FINALLY BE EXPOSED.

The Obama hating bloggers who get their news from Faux were also positive that when Hillary had her Perry Mason Moment --- "Yes, you're right Congressman, we lied about everything, EVERYTHING" – the Republicant dreams of President Obama's impeachment would really begin to steam roll.

These are the same blogging political know-nothings who predicted that Willard Romney would win by a landslide. What these dilettantes don't know about politics would fill the Grand Canyon:  just because they have OPINIONS they think they also know the score.
They don't.  Opinions are like belly buttons – everybody has them.

Anybody who knows anything about Hillary Clinton knows that she would make mincemeat out of the Republicants in the House and Senate who tried to make her look bad for their own political purposes.  And she did just that. 

Senators Paul of Kentucky and Rubio of Florida – two great leaders (huh?) who think they're ready for the White House (wrong) – looked like silly school boys being called to account by their teacher when they tried to cross-examine Clinton.  Paul even said he'd have relieved Clinton of her duties had he been the president.
News for Rand Paul: if he wants to fire Secretaries of State let him run for president and WIN.  Then he can fire all the cabinet members he wants.

There will be NO impeachment of Obama.  There was NO Republicant take down of Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi hearings. There was only the sight of even more Republicants looking like fools.  Something they have aplenty in the current GOP and in the community of know-nothings who support them.

In other gun news: 3 wounded in Texas college shooting, one dead in Rocky River shooting, nobody shot at gun shows yet today but there's still time

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