Thursday, January 17, 2013


1-- By a 55% majority Americans say they want tougher gun laws.  But the flat earth Republicants, the Faux News Echo chamber and the tottering anti-Obama bloggers don't realize this is a democracy and the majority rules.  A whining minority, they'll do whatever they can to keep America's murder rate the highest in the industrialized world.

2 -- We hear plenty from the NRA – the gun manufacturer's lobby – about Second Amendment rights.  How about the right of peaceful citizens to go to a movie without being killed.  Or the right of parents to send their six year olds off to school knowing the little ones will come home alive.  Or the rights of shoppers to enter a shopping mall with the expectation that they won't be gunned down.  Or the right of fire fighters to respond to an emergency call without having to wear body armor.  Why are those rights less important than gun owners' right to have 30 round clips?  

They're not – it's called the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Maybe you heard of it.

3 – The NRA – the gun manufacturers lobby – likes to use Hitler as an example of how bad things happen when they come to take our guns.  But it's a myth.  Hitler didn't restrict gun ownership HE EXPANDED IT. After WWI German gun ownership was banned by the Treaty of Versailles.  In 1938 Hitler reversed the rules, deregulated owning and transferring guns and ammunition, the legal age to own a gun was lowered to 18 and permits were issued for three years rather than one.

4 – Ronald Reagan – messiah to many Republicants – signed legislation that banned ownership of automatic weapons, prohibited carrying concealed weapons in public and supported a 15 day waiting period.

5 – 74% of NRA members support mandatory background checks for all gun sales, including gun shows.

6 – Making and selling guns is BIG BUSINESS. $12 BILLION A YEAR. 

7 – In 1967 NRA official literature stated " … the NRA is not affiliated with any manufacturer of arms or ammunition or any jobber or dealer …"  Not anymore.  Now the NRA gets more than half its funding from the gun and ammo businesses.  The NRA is NOT a club for sportsmen – it's a lobby for death.

8 – The mother of one little boy killed at Sandy Hook says when she went to identify him she recognized his hair and eyes but the bottom portion of his face had been blown away.  My cousin was killed in Viet Nam when he was 19.  He was a poor kid from Newark New Jersey who volunteered for the Marines.  His mother, my aunt, still thinks about him every day.  She says it's unnatural for children to die before their parents.  The parents, siblings and friends who lost loved ones in Sandy Hook will NEVER again have a Merry Christmas.

9 – It's telling that irresponsible gun lovers have little to say about the latest American gun massacre.  They never mention the children that were murdered.  All they want to talk about are their rights.

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