Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Go get 'em O

It was a fabulous Inauguration Day for Pres. Obama.  He hit all the right notes in his speech: doing something about global warming, protecting the country's safety net for those who experience hard times (even for those Obama hating bloggers too dumb to realize the Republicants would dismantle their precious Social Security benefits if given the chance),  equal pay for equal work (WOW! Whata concept.  Women paid the same as men for doing the same job.  Of course, voted down by the Republicants), taking it to the Romney/Ryan crowd about their disdain for the so-called takers, solving the immigration mess and Job Number One -- protecting our children and grandchildren from maniacs with guns.

Add to that impressive list Beyonce singing the National Anthem and it makes for a good time.

Unless you're a Republicant and a sore losers.  The sore losers refused to turn on their TV's (they probably couldn't find the remote).  And the Republicants split to Las Vegas rather than stay in Washington where their casino party included show girls.  That's the Republicant Morality Crowd, always good for a DUI or a dinner with strippers. 

 What a nightmare it would have been if Romney had won:  a speech about how we need to ship more jobs to China, provide bigger tax shelters for billionaires, how we will turn the Social Security fund  over to the PRIVATE SECTOR, how poor people need to pay more of their fair share.  Followed by Marie Osmond lip-synching Mormon Temple music. 
EEEKKK.  The thought gives me chills.

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