Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The current mantra from the Republicants and their evil minions like Limbaugh, Hannity and the Faux News echo chamber is that "America doesn't have a taxing problem, it has a spending problem", which isn't true but Republicants have made it clear they are confused by facts.
"Don't confuse us with the facts, it only confuses us… more."  They say.
When George Bush, Jr became pres the previous pres Bill Clinton left Bush a surplus in the piggy bank.  Bush squandered the surplus, cut taxes for zillionaires, started two unfunded wars and gave senior citizens a prescription drug program that 1) was unfunded and 2) prevented the government – the largest prescription drug purchaser in the universe -- from negotiating with drug companies over prices. 

(Huh? Why would you pass a prescription drug benefit program that forbids the government from negotiating prices with drug manufacturers? 
Maybe because drug manufacturers are major $$$$$ givers to the Republicant party.  Duh.)

Obviously, the US does have a taxing problem because taxes are what eventually pay for things like wars and drugs for grandma and grandpa and if Bush hadn't cut taxes for zillionaires we might have enough $$$$$$$ to pay the bills.
Enter the Bush recession, known to Republicants and their evil minions like Rushbo and Seanbo and the Faux News echo chamber as the Obama Depression, another example of Republicants being confused by the facts. 
"We already said - don't confuse us with the facts, it only confuses us… more."  They say.

As the economy started its nose dive at the end of Bush's eight years of pretty much destroying the country the unemployment rate rose and so did the deficit.
Look at the graph --- down there

See what happens after the recession peaks and Obama's policies begin to take hold?  The unemployment rate starts to decline and miracle of miracles so does the deficit.  Wow.
Why would that happen?  Because as more people get jobs they pay taxes and paying taxes makes it possible for the gov-a-mint to pay its bills.  How wonderful.
It's symmetrical and simple as pie.
So, instead of having Washington Republicants repeating their mantra about deficit spending they should be SUGGESTING POLCIES THAT WILL HELP PEOPLE GET BACK TO WORK.  NOW.  NO MORE CONFUSION.

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