Monday, April 1, 2013


In other there's no tellin' where the money went news:

What do Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana have in common?  They're RED States with governors who won't play Obamacare ball and they're in a New Top Ten List … a Top Ten List of STATES HAVING THE MOST RESIDENTS LIVING BELOW THE POVERTY LINE.

Yea Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana – YOU WIN THE STATES HAVING THE MOST RESIDENTS LIVING BELOW THE POVERTY LINE CONTEST. Here's the breakdown:
          Texas              17% of Texans are not living la vida loca
·       Mississippi     22% of Mississippians live below the poverty line
·       Alabama         18% of Alabamanians (or whatever they're called) live below the poverty                                    line
·       Louisiana        17% of Mardi Gras-ers live below the poverty line.  Fat Tuesday, Zwicky                                           thinks not.

In addition, these states send plenty of tea bagging, Republicant, flat earthers to Washington, the Neanderthals who complain and vote against govamint programs designed to help people out of poverty.

Louisiana is an outstanding example of income inequality common in these states, the bottom 25% of Louisiana workers bring in only 4% of the money, while the top 25% bring in 63%.  Sounds like Mitt The Romney would be right at home there.

In Mississippi, a progressive governor was defeated by Republicant Haley Barbour in 2003. Barbour is often characterized as a shrewd politician, a shrewd politician who made sure his state stayed the poorest state in the country.  

Barbour's shrewd governance was followed by a REPUBLICANT LANDSLIDE in 2011 when Republicants took ALL statewide offices.  Ten years of Republicant shrewdness and what do ya get, POVERTY on a massive scale.  Seems like Mississippians are not only broke ... they're SLOW LEARNERS.
Speaking of income inequality, the CEO of Walmart makes more than 1000 times what his employees make.  CEO incomes are rising three times faster than the incomes of the people who actually do the work.  CEO's got a nice 8% bump last year, bringing their median pay to almost $10 mil per year. 

YOU, on the other hand, if you got anything at all, were given a measly 2.7% raise.  In fact, median incomes actually FELL in 2011, the last year for which NUMBERS are available.

This raises the question: WHO ARE THE TAKERS so derided by Willard The Romney in last year's presidential race?  The CEO's or the WORKERS? 
Speaking of WHO ARE THE TAKERS, David Stockman, Ex-Reagan Budget Director, says that the little Bush boy's policies bankrupt the country.  Mission Accomplished?  Zwicky wonders …
What does a Reagan Budget Director know about economics?
In other gun news:

The News Herald reports a man was shot and killed outside an Ashtabula church after Easter services.
A four year old girl was shot and killed in Miami Saturday; the shooter may have been her six year old brother who somehow got his hands on the gun.


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