Friday, April 12, 2013


In other random wacko Republicant tea bagger news:

In Georgia, a Republicant who was all in favor of welfare recipients being drug tested, has been arrested for DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE. The hypocrite's name is Chuck Simms.  Simms was arrested in 2010 for the same thing. 

Too bad Simms wasn't getting welfare -- he might be off the hook, because Georgia's welfare queen drug testing has been suspended pending court rulings.  Other states that were sure welfare 47% takers were living the high life found that less than one percent of those tested were under the influence.  The cost of testing was more expensive than any savings realized by suspending payments to violators. 

Donald Trump, the orange haired, New York City, birther clod, was BOOOOOEEEED by a WWF crowd when he tried to open his mouth at a Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Madison Square Garden.  Well done. WWF fans.

Female impersonator Ann Coulter said in a Fox Nation column the other day that Meghan McCain, John McCain's daughter, should be killed.  After Meghan said that Coulter was a vampire who should have a stake driven thru her heart, Fox dropped the column.   

Stork-like Coulter also dissed Sarah Palin recently saying the former Governor, former Faux News (no laughing out loud) analyst and former vice-presidential candidate should have learned 'proper English.'

Palin was too busy comparing herself to that other maverickey conservative Margaret Thatcher to hunt down Coulter and beat her senseless … but it'll happen eventually.   

Coulter is already feuding with Rand Paul about Mexicans.  All this increased inmate infighting is interesting indeed.
How dumb are the residents of Oklahoma?  Pretty damned dumb.  They've been sending James Inhofe to the US Senate since 1994.  Inhofe is the original flat earther, he was flat earth before being flat earth was popular.  Inhofe's latest flat earth gems are his statements about the current gun control debate.  

According to Jimmy the gun debate has "nothing to do with the Newtown families."  Really?  Than what do it have to do with?  Do it have to do with how flat the earth is?

The Republicant governor of Maine called a meeting of State Unemployment Clerks and said "you'all been too lenient on the lazy outawork 47% bums who are 'spectin' the Great State a Maine ta pay their car paymnets.  It's time youse started rejectin' more unemployment claims and started findin' in favor of employers.  Got it?" 

That's nuthin. In Ohio ALL claims are rejected if the employer summits some standard paperwork to the State.  Then the unemployed has to appeal his claim.  The State takes the employer's side without question.
The Republicants have their attention fixed firmly on the future.  According to one highly placed tea bagging House member, "The future is now, it's our destiny, it's our fate -- it's where the future is taking us."  To help them in their pursuit of the future the Republicants have turned to beloved, wise, respected counselor of all things and bird killer on a grand scale – Dick Cheney. 

Cheney, the man who brought you the Iraq war – speechified on the current troubles with the nut case in N. Korea.  Said Cheney about the nut cases in general, "you never know what they're thinking."  And THAT'S the kind of discernment which explains why Cheney holds the place of respect that he does in Republicant's futurism.

See The Daily Show's hilarious Cheney – shoot an old man in the face – segment here.
In other gun news:

Republicant cowards in the Senate who'd said they'd filibuster the gun debate backed down immediately when the families of little kids and teachers killed at Newtown flew to DC on Air Force One with the Pres and began walking the halls of Congress.

Now there's rumors that the same chickkensh-t Senators may try to filibuster every amendment.  

Zwicky doubts the families will let that happen.


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