Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In other It didn't take long news:

Although officials conducting the investigation claim they have no idea who is responsible for the bombings in Boston a tea bag group knows exactly who to blame: Pres. Obama.  According to the group, it's Obama's cuddling of radical Islam that led to the act of terror.
Sean – not the gayest Irishman on Faux – Hannity decided to make the Boston bombing footage into a montage with music accompaniment, sorta like a movie trailer.  Maybe Sean did it as a way to stop his decline in the ratings.  Catch Hannity's work right here.

My ratings are gonna go up now, right?  Right?

As the Republicants perfect their new outreach to women, Hispanics and blacks, attempting to broaden the party's appeal to those groups, it's been kinda a bumpy road.  First there was the Alaskan Congressman who referred to Mexicans as wetbacks and now there's this from a Republicant lawmaker in New Hampshire.  Peter Hanson sent out an email in which he referred to women as vaginas.  That would be like referring to Peter as a dick.

This Peter Rabbit is not a dick.
A large-super-mega-huge-big $$$$$$$$ donor to the Republicant party has said that if the Republicants don't get right with Jesus on the gun control issue they gonna become IRRELEVENT.  Even if the Republicant Neanderthals in the Senate cain't read the polls The Big Bucks Guy can.  

He knows that more than NINETY PERCENT OF AMERICANS WANT UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHEKCS, including 80% of NRA members.  Yet the Republicant Neanderthals are still tryin' to defeat the gun measures pending in Congress.  

If they succeed the BIG MEGA MONEY MAN says they'll pay for their refusal to do the will of the people by losing in 2014.

The guy – Al Hoffman – even goes so far as to say he agrees with Obama on gun control.  BLASPHEMY.  IT'S BLASPHEMY I TELL YOU.

In other gun news:

Got kids or grandkids in college?  Here's a scary tidbit of news: There have already been 13 gun incidents on college campuses since the beginning of the year ---- in ….
 KY, MO, FLA, TX (surprised?), MD, PA, NC and VA.


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