Monday, April 8, 2013


In other Republicant utopian news:

What do Kansas and Iraq have in common?  They're both ultra-conservative utopias.  Iraq has no troublesome environmental laws, gun laws or pesky controls on business, tho they're partial to laws supposedly sent down by god. 

Kansas was once described as an ultra-conservative utopia and so it can relate to Iraq's utopian ways.  In fact, Kansas elected Republicants to 'git ta Warshingten and cut that there bloated budget and do other vital tea baggers business, like git the fidaral govamint outa our bees wax.  FREEDOM.'  Yessir.  And they have elected Sam Brownback as their governor, another utopian, tea bagging favorite.  Lucky Kansans.

Which is interesting because Kansas is one of those Red states that gets more money from Warshingten than it sends in, about $3 billion more.  Now, due to the Republicants refusal to compromise with that socialistic Obammer, some of that un-hard-earned cash has stopped flowing.  Oops, what's a Kansas Republicant to do? 

Where's our free money?

Kansas can't meet its constitutionally mandated educational requirements (they're $59 million in the hole).  The courts don't like that.

Federal courthouses cain't prosecute bad guys cause they're 14% in the hole.  Murderers, rapists and other Kansas utopians set free?  Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty us Kansas felons is free at last.

That don't sound right.

Air towers are going unmanned.

So what? 

Kansas has a zillion regional airports cause the farmers are spread all over the place and now the farmers don't have any eyes on the radar when they fly the ultra-conservative utopian skies.  Close calls at 18,000 feet anyone?

That's outrageous.

That's what the tea bagging Kansas house members have said and they're OUTRAGED about it.  They're surprised and outraged that cutting federal spending, where their state gets MORE money than it pays in, is actually HAVING AN EFFECT ON SERVICES.  Now they have to raise taxes locally to pay for what they use locally. 

That's a shocker.

What did these morons think?  The money comes from the money tree?  Kansas ultra-conservative utopians wanted government shrunk.  It's a-shrinkin' and now they see what it's like.

Those ultra-conservative utopian Republicant tea baggers are on a sharp learning curve -- paying their own freight for a change, rather than LIVING OFF THE SWEAT OF WORK DONE BY PROGRESSIVES IN THE BLUES STATES.

It seems like poetic justice.

Don't it.

In other gun news:

The just finished, hot off the presses, DOA NRA security study for protecting our school kids requires MANDATORY BACKGROUND CHECKS for security guards, the BACKGROUND CHECKS to be repeated yearly. 

That's NRA logic – no security checks for maniacs when they buy the guns used to murder children but mandatory background checks for the guards.  Get It?



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