Thursday, April 18, 2013


In other oops, ignore what we just said news:

Speaking of cowards, more than 90% of the American people want universal background checks.  Ninety percent of the Democratic senators voted in favor of background checks while 90% of the cowardly Republican senators were opposed to background checks.  Among those cowards was Ohio Sen. Portman, otherwise known as Rob or Robby. 

Profile in Courage

Robby, in addition to being afraid of the NRA, was, in case you don't know, a member of little Georgie Bush's financial team.
You remember Bush jr – he's the one who – along with his crack team of financial advisors – destroyed the American economy.
Robby Portman – coward AND financial wizard all in one. 

Robby, in case you don't know, recently came out (so to speak) in favor of gay marriage.  Robby came out (so to speak) in favor of gay marriage because Robby has a gay son.  If Robby has a family member who is a victim of gun violence, will Robby THEN be in favor of gun control?

Who knows.  But when there is another mass gun murder as there surely will be another mass gun murder Robby will have aided in making it easier for the mass murderer to commit that mass murder.
Yesterday CNN and Faux News (no guffawing) reported that an arrest had been made in the Boston bombing.  This was later clarified to mean that no arrest had been made in the Boston bombing.  The difference between an arrest has been made and no arrest has been made is only a matter of degree.  Reasonable people can disagree on that.  Right?  Faux … and CNN?

Speaking of Faux – NO LAUGHING -- When Pres. Obama came out to lambast the cowardly senators who killed the gun legislation Faux didn't think it was news worthy.  They skipped the president's speech.  Faux – We distort, you never mind.

In other gun news:

Number of gun deaths since Newtown – 3513.

Twice as many children are killed by guns than die from cancer.

Here's another picture of the coward.

And another.
One more.


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