Tuesday, April 9, 2013


In other M Thatcher socialist news:

Yesterday Lawrence O'Donnell showed how Margaret Thatcher was quite comfortable with all sorts of socialist and progressive ideas -- smart stuff that today's tea bagging, Republicant flat earthers would never abide:

When Thatcher left office the highest income tax bracket was 40%, higher than today's tax rate under Obama.

She fought for and expanded national health coverage.  Thatchercare?

She extended unemployment benefits for people out-of-work during a long economic downturn.

She acknowledged evolution.  AHHHHHHH we're all from apes.

She recognized the reality of global warming and said that industrialized nations should pick up more of the tab for correcting the problem than third world countries.

The hero of rightwingnuts – Margaret Thatcher --- was further to the left on some issues than today's liberals.  You won't hear that from Rush Limbaugh or on Faux News (no smirking).

See all of O'Donnell's segment  here.
And speaking of Faux News (no giggling) Sean – not the gayest Irishman on TV – Hannity's ratings continue to droop.  People have finally started to see what Zwicky knew long ago – Hannity is a one note blowhard, just like The Drugster.

In other gun news:

In Tennessee, a 4 year old accidentally shot and killed a deputy's wife with one of the deputy's own guns.
In New Jersey, a 4 year old shot a 6 year old with a .22 rifle.
Guns don't kill people, 4 year olds kill people.


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