Wednesday, April 3, 2013


In other if the cowards in DC won't do it the states will news:

Connecticut is set to pass some of the toughest gun laws in the country, joining New York and Colorado, with Delaware and California close behind. 
In Georgia they see the gun situation a bit differently.  A small town fifty miles from Atlanta has made it MANDATORY for the head of the household to own a gun –UNLESS – the head of the household objects to owning a gun, in which case the head of the household isn't actually, really required to own a gun.  The penalty for the head of the household not owning a gun is … well … there is no penalty.  

That's how they do things in small Georgian towns, they pass gun laws that are TOTALLY MEANINGLESS.  But it makes " 'em feel better ta be standin' up to that gun takin' Obammer socialist from Ubangee."
Former local House member Steve LaTourette ain't no dummy.  He says he knows why women ain't votin' fer Republicants.  "When youse got a Republicant runnin' fer Congress sayin' a baby conceived from a rape is a Gift From God, there ain't no mystery about it.  Womens don't think that way.  In fact, hardly nobody don't think that way."

LaTourette was referring to comments made by Tea Bagger favorite Richard Mourdock who ran -- and lost -- to the Democrack candidate for Senator from Indiana.

Actually, babies resulting from a rape are very rare because as Republicant creationism science teaches, "if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down."  That's according to loser Todd Akin, who incidentally, was very generous with YOUR TAX MONEY. 

After he lost his Senate election but before his House term was over Akin DOUBLED the pay of his staffers.  So did another tea bagger favorite Allen West.  West and Akin were typical Republicants continually yapping about WASTEFUL GOVAMINT SPENDING, unless it was them doin' the wastin'.

Of the top ten givers of year-end bonus cash, nine were Republicants, all lost and have returned to their home caves.  Bye Bye Akin and West, et al.  Don't let the legitimate door hit you in the ass.

Another Republicant loser, Scott Brown, has a new gig.  He's been retained as a Faux News (no smirking)  "contributor" joining that illustrious list of Faux's other illustrious "contributors".  Illustrious political savants like Sarah – I can see Russia from my gazebo – Palin,
Dick – Romney will win by a landslide – Morris and
Karl – I blew $300 million of other people's money and only earned them a 2% return on their investment – Rove.

Wow.  Zwicky is impressed -- that's some flashy "contrib-u-boors".

Brown's first BIG assignment is to sit in for Bill O'Reilly while O'Reilly is off buying loofahs for his girlfriends.  Zwicky is sure not gonna miss that show, unless a rerun of Lucy is on and a rerun of Lucy is always on.  Somewheres.



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