Wednesday, April 10, 2013


In more, other M Thatcher socialist news:

Lawrence O'Donnell loves busting the rightwingwackos about the Margaret Thatcher myths.  Last night he showed how Thatcher's government took 35% of GDP, the same rate in effect in the UK today.  She actually raised that percentage, it was LOWER when she took office.

She also preserved a 60% highest tax rate for all but one year she was in office, compared to our highest tax rate of less than 40%.  She needed lots of green $$$$$$$$ to pay for ….. among other socialist things … UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE.  Thatcher insisted that access to health care was a right for British citizens.  Thatchercare.

That's ridiculous.  You go to a doctor if you can PAY for it.  NOT if you need it.

And she DOUBLED …


the national sales tax.

That's a lie.  Ask Rush Limbo.

O'Donnell also took on the THE UNITED STATES IS THE HIGHEST TAXED NATION IN THE WORLD baloney, and where the US stands in relation to other industrialized countries in terms of taxes.

Where do it stand?

NOT on top, as the rightwingwacko tea baggers bleat about continually.  We're number 31.  Way, way, way down the list.  Highest taxed is Denmark, taking 46% of GDP.  Thatcher's mythologized conservative promised land is number fifteen, taking 34.9%.  Germany, which enjoys a robust economy and taxes at a higher percentage of GDP than Britain (35.1%), is number 13 on the list.  How is Germany able to be an economic powerhouse if it taxes at such a high rate?  That contradicts everything the tea baggers say about fixing the US economy?

It's a riddle inside an enigma.

Isn't it though.
Michele Bachmann, a flat earther Republicant tea bagging sweet heart, who said Pres. Obama has six gourmet chefs on Air Force one, is being investigated for ethics violations concerning misuse of campaign funds last year.  Reportedly, Bachmann shuffled some money here and threw some money there – mainly to campaign advisers – in ways that weren't exactly, precisely, totally … legal.  At the same time she was fixin' the books she forgot … oops … to pay her staff.  Isn't that just so tea baggish --- "Screw the little 47 percenters.  I need my advisers."  

When reporters try to ask her questions she either runs like a girl or has her aides throw body blocks.  It'll be fun watching another tea party favorite bite the dust.

Paying attention Sen. Cruz?
Zwicky recently told you how Republicant refusal to compromise with Obama has resulted in Kansans being schooled about what the Feds actually do for them.   That's too bad for the flat earthers and Zwicky has little sympathy for tea baggers who get what they asked for.  But that's not the case with people suffering with the hated disease – cancer.

The same budget cuts that the Republicants inflicted on themselves in Kansas are seriously hurting thousands of innocents who are being refused chemotherapy treatments.  Oncologists say the funding cuts make it impossible for them to purchase the drugs and stay in business.  So, very sick people with a horrible disease are being told to look elsewhere for treatment.  What would Margaret Thatcher say about that?
In other Knife news:

A nut in Texas (why are there so many loons in Texas?) ran around Lone Star community college yesterday stabbing people with a knife, 14 were hurt, 2 critically.

This raises the question – should knives we subject to reasonable knife control laws?  Should people who buy knives be subject to a background check?  Is there a limit on how many knives a person can own?

Of course not.  Those questions are ridiculous.  The difference between a knife attack on 14 people and a gun attack on 14 people is that a gun attack would have resulted in 14 DEAD people.



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