Thursday, May 9, 2013


In other one note blowhard news

Admitted Prescription Drugster Hypocrite Rush Limbaugh says that the vile creep in Cleveland who kidnapped and beat three women for ten years was doing so because of Obama's welfare give-aways. Wow.  What a mind … wait, who was president ten years ago again?

That kind of nonsense explains why a big mucky-muck at Cumulus Media says NO MAJOR ADVERTISERS OR AD AGENCIES WILL ALLOW THEIR ADS TO RUN ON LIMBAUGH'S BLOWHARD FEST.  That's why you hear nothing but blurbs for companies selling obscure website design or get rich quick with gold schemes or other useless blather.  Toyota, Ford, GE and other biggies don't want anything to do with Limbaugh's brand of delusional right wing wacko flat eartherism.

If anybody needs more proof that Republicants are the dimmest political class in the universe look no further than S Carolina's special election.  

Voters in the Republicant flat earth region of in-bred America had the choice between: A former disgraced governor who lied to his wife, his kids and the citizens of SC saying he was going on a hike along the Appalachian Trail when he was actually flying to S America to shack-up with his hot little Chiquita.  This clown was also cited recently for violating his divorce agreement by trespassing at the home of his former wife when he went there to watch the Super Bowl on her big screen TV.  His, from all accounts, is little; 

or,  A successful business woman who left an abusive marriage and raised three kids.

Guess who the Republicants elected.  Candidate B had the misfortune to have a D after her name on the ballot so the flat earthers naturally chose the lying, cheating adulterer over her.

In other gun news:

A 2 year old little girl is dead.  Shot by her 5 year old brother who received a .22 rifle as a gift

Pat Toomey, Pa Rep Sen, has seen his poll numbers skyrocket since proposing UNIVERSAL background checks, supported by 90% of voters.  Compare that to cowardly local squish Robbie Portman who saw his numbers nose dive since HE VOTED AGAINST UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS.


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