Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In other STILL more Republicants put down by their own kind news:


Delusional rightwingwacko and Female Impersonator Ann Coulter continues her battles with other delusional rightwingwackos.  Coulter says the immigration reform bill being floated by Republicant Florida Senator Marco Thirsty-o Rubio would mean "the end of America."

The end of America?
Whoa, Annie, that's some serious end. 

Coulter also says that there are 20 million illegal Hispanics here and they're "dumb, lazy and welfare dependent".  Coulter must not have read the memo given to all rightwingwacko Republicants that Republicants have to start being nice to Hispanics.

And govamint statistcals sez there's 11 million illegal immigrants, not 20 mil … Annie.

A nationwide study found that Faux News (no horse laughs) viewers are THE LEAST INFORMED ON DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL EVENTS than any other cable news viewers.  They had to do a study to find that out, Zwicky has been saying it repeatedly.

Maybe that's why Faux's credibility is at an all-time low.  Another study found that out.

Delusional, flat earth, end-of-the-worlder Glenn Beck says he left Faux to save his soul.  A Faux spokesman says Beck left "to save his ass" cause advertisers had fled Beck's Faux show in droves.

It's a joy to see the flat eathers going at each other: Coulter vs. Thirsty-o; Beck vs. Faux-o.


In other gun news:

If cowardly Senators like Portman of Ohio won't heed the will of 90% of Americans and vote for Universal Background Checks, voters will do it themselves. Groups in several states like Washington and Arizona are working to put background check measures on the ballot.


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