Friday, May 10, 2013


In other Republicant hypocrisy news:

Republicant Communist witch hunter and all around loathsome junior senator from Texass Ted Cruz voted AGAINST aid to victims of hurricane Sandy but now wants fed aid for his state since the fertilizer plant explosion leveled an already level section of the level state.  Cruz is the kind of right wing wacko flat earth Neanderthal that is OPPOSED TO FED INSPECTION of industrial places like fertilizer plants because it's too much interference with business but after a disaster he's got his hands out. 

Ahhh – the Republicants, they define hypocrisy.

Texass Republicant Gov Rick – I'm forgetting as fast as I can – Perry was outraged when the Sacramento Bee published a political cartoon skewering Perry for his own brand of Neanderthalism.  Perry's like Cruz, always bashing govamant interference with business and preaching how business friendly Texass is.  But after the fertilizer plant exploded – there'd been no inspections for a zillion years – Perry ran out to the site to offer his condolences.  "Had your home destroyed, ma'am -- I feel for ya, but business is booming here in Texass."

Twelve banks control more than 69% of the banking industry and 50% of Americans want these big – too big to fail – banks broken up.  So why aren't they being broken up?  How long til we get to bail them out again?  How big will the year-end bonuses be for the financial geniuses who almost destroyed the world economy last time?


Willard the Romney's off-shore financial holdings were exposed during the last pres election but Romney's not alone in hiding his $$$$$$$$$.  Estimates run between $21 trillion (TRILLION) and $32 trillion (TRILLION) of wealthy individual's assets are stashed away in hidden accounts, equal to the combined economies of the US and Japan.

Why aren't any of the fiscal hawks in DC concerned about these dodgy practices?  Maybe cause they're among the ones doing the dodging.


In other gun news:

Al  D'Amato, former REPUBLICANT Senator,  says you got to be a jackass to not support background checks.

Conan O'Brien went after Wayne Call Me Crazy LaPierre at the WHCD, watch what Conan had to say about Call Me Crazy here.


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